Freeing media
Freeing radios
Freeing wrestling
Using outer space
Freeing up context
Freeing competition
Freeing up thinking
Freeing up monogamy
Expanding attitudes
Sparking imagination
Freeing up resources
Freeing up job market
Freeing up information
Freeing up shared time
Freeing interest rates
Freeing worldwide trade
Providing excess income
Freeing up public funds
Broadening civic outlook
Freeing movement of goods
Expanding limits to growth
Freeing up future planning
Freeing up image of travel
Freeing movement of capital
Expanding school curriculum
Freeing up export expansion
Freeing up fertility rights
Freeing up cultural context
Freeing up social programmes
Providing housing materials
Expanding employment images
Freeing up media programming
Freeing up areas of research
Freeing up areas of research
Freeing people to participate
Freeing up electrical capacity
Relieving government paralysis
Encouraging expressive art work
Freeing up family opportunities
Freeing from wrongful detention
Freeing up repressed personality
Freeing up child-care structures
Freeing up limits to human growth
Freeing up political developments
Freeing up spheres of relationship
Freeing up public health subsidies
Freeing up public health subsidies
Freeing up commercial investigation
Funding research on social problems
Broadening internal values and images
Freeing up entertainment possibilities
Providing flexible management patterns
Freeing up current scientific knowledge
Stimulating future interest for the elderly
Freeing up civil administrative capacity
Relieving democratic government paralysis
Freeing up ownership of productive systems
Freeing up approaches to economic planning
Freeing up availability of health resources
Freeing up applicability of monetary grants
Freeing up relations beyond local environments
Limiting monopoly control of national economies
Freeing religious dogma of obsolete terminology
Freeing up participation in neighbourhood action
Freeing up human information processing capacity
Freeing up availability of learning opportunities
Freeing up availability of functional information
Freeing up availability of public services in small towns
Freeing up availability of public services in small towns
Informing individuals on life options
Relieving paralyzing patterns between villages and administrations
Developing better community markets
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies