Coping in conditions of inadequacy

Making do with insufficiency
Bearing up
Managing in adversity
Reducing fear
Farming by hand
Coping with ennui
Withdrawing trust
Paying off war debt
Coping with deafness
Coping with loneliness
Treating combat trauma
Mitigating earthquakes
Coping with bereavement
Abstaining from gun laws
Abstaining from ideology
Coping with irrationality
Adapting to climate change
Denying right to education
Coping with soil deficiency
Coping with hearing defects
Coping with economic cycles
Limiting farm mechanization
Sacrificing political ideals
Coping with business failure
Coping with unpredictability
Coping with hypersensitivity
Abstaining from common ethic
Coping with attention deficit
Managing personal life crises
Coping with large-scale issues
Abstaining from sexual liberty
Anticipating price fluctuations
Coping with climatic conditions
Coping with fear of the unknown
Coping with strategic surprises
Abstaining from agrarian reform
Relieving stress in human beings
Coping with inhospitable climate
Abstaining from plant protection
Abstaining from recreation funds
Abstaining from local employment
Coping with seasonal fluctuations
Doing without adequate vocabulary
Coping with environmental refugees
Correcting psychological disturbance
Abstaining from slaughter facilities
Abstaining from religious discipline
Denying right to education for women
Funding cooperative community school
Abstaining from resource conservation
Doing without adequate community plan
Being suspicious of other governments
Coping with short-term climate changes
Abstaining from international security
Abstaining from individual development
Abstaining from ethical decision-making
Coping with unpredictability of weather
Overcoming negative effects of rejection
Abstaining from agreement on cooperation
Abstaining from agreement on human rights
Coping with inadequate practical education
Coping with unpredictable barriers to trade
Abstaining from consistent programme effort
Abstaining from access to cultural heritage
Adjusting to unpredictable sources of income
Abstaining from preparation for self-defence
Coping with unpredictable governmental policy
Coping with unpredictable ecological disasters
Abstaining from coordination of interest rates
Integrating planning of action against problems
Abstaining from global political decision-making
Synchronizing biorhythms to international travel
Coping with unpredictability of judicial decisions
Coping with cost of inadequate development policies
Improving standardization of procedures and equipment
Coping with unpredictability of key economic variables
Abstaining from popular participation in decision-making
Coping with inadequate inland waterway transport facilities
Coping with inadequate governmental decision-making machinery
Coping with inadequate international human rights instruments
Coping with inadequate transport systems for isolated islands
Coping with inadequate housing and penning of domestic animals
Coping with inadequate implementation of development programmes
Coping with inadequate industrial trade in developing countries
Coping with inadequate residential housing in rural communities
Coping with inadequate power of intergovernmental organizations
Abstaining from patient participation in medical decision-making
Abstaining from worker participation in business decision-making
Coping with inadequate intergovernmental decision-making process
Coping with inadequate development of international criminal law
Abstaining from enforcement power of international organizations
Coping with inadequacy of the committee system of decision making
Coping with inadequate educational facilities for gifted children
Coping with inadequate development of national communication services
Coping with inadequate facilities for international nongovernmental organization action
Coping with inadequate planning of relationship between buildings in urban environments
Type Classification:
B: Basic universal strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth