Threatened species of Chlamyphorus truncatus

Other Names:
Threatened species of Lesser pichi ciego
Endangered Pink fairy armadillo

The five-inch-long animal is nocturnal, and lives much of its life underground, burrowing just six inches below the surface in arid, desert-like areas in central Argentina. Much of its habitat has been converted to grazing land for cattle and goats, or plowed for farming, putting this smallest of armadillo species at great risk of extinction.  The striking pink shell and white fur has also inspired some people to try to keep the animals in captivity to raise as pets. Scientists estimate that 95% of these animals die within 8 days.


The pink fairy armadillo only exists in Argentina. It has been listed as endangered for over 45 years; there is still no plan to save it.

Date of last update
08.05.2017 – 18:08 CEST