Threatened species of Equidae

Other Names:
Threatened races of Asses
Threatened breeds of Horses
Threatened species of Zebras

The Marwari horse is native to the Marwar region of India, and its origins are entwined with local folklore and trace back to the period "when horses had wings". The native Marwari horse is rugged, suited for both the desert environment and its historic role as a battle horse. The Raiputs (Raijputs) fielded a cavalry consisting of more than 50,000 horses under the reign of Mogul emperor Akbar. The Marwari's homing instinct helped save many a rider's life, as has its exceptional hearing, allowing both horse and rider early warning of impending danger. The Marwari horses of India number around 500 purebred individuals, mainly in their home region of Rajhastan. They are showcased at cultural festivals, such as as dance horses at weddings.

Narrower Problems:
Threatened species of Equus
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GOAL 15: Life on Land
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E: Emanations of other problems
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