Other Names:
Bone gumma

Gumma or Guma may refer to:

Gumma (pathology), a characteristic tissue nodule found in the tertiary stage of syphilis Gumma, an alternative spelling of Gunma Prefecture in Japan The Kingdom of Gumma (also spelled Guma), a former kingdom in the Gibe region of Ethiopia Guma (woreda), one of the Districts of Ethiopia in the Oromia region Guma, Pishan County, seat and subdivision of Guma (Pishan) County, Xinjiang, China Guma, Hebei (zh), subdivision of Luan County, Hebei, China Guma County, subdivision of Hotan Prefecture, Xinjiang, China Guma, Abkhazia, Georgia Guma, India, West Bengal Guma railway station, West Bengal, India Guma, Nigeria, a Local Government Area of Benue State
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G: Very specific problems
Medicine Skeletal system
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