Fracture of limb

Other Names:
Fracture of upper limb
Fracture of lower limb
Broken clavicle
Fracture of scapula
Fracture of humerus
Broken arm
Fracture of radius
Fracture of ulna
Fractures of carpal bones
Broken fingers
Fractures of phalanges
Fracture of femur
Fracture of patella
Broken knee-cap
Fracture of tibia
Broken leg
Fracture of fibula
Ankle fracture
Tarsal fracture
Fractures of metatarsal bones
Broader Problems:
Bone fractures
Sports accidents
Narrower Problems:
Chauffeur's fracture
Related Problems:
Hazardous remnants of war
Problem Type:
G: Very specific problems
Date of last update
30.12.2017 – 03:49 CET