Religion as an opiate

Other Names:
Utilitarian religion
Harmonial religion

Harmonial religion is the popular reinforcement of the divorce of fact from value that makes public moral discourse almost impossible. In harmonial religion the seemingly conservative call for a return to objective values is supported by an argument that is relativistic to the core. As such it constitutes an opiate for the masses, providing a welcome escape from the need to engage questions of moral truth, whether personal or public – thus becoming the disease of which it claims to be the cure.


There is no doubt that society would be kinder, gentler, more generous, more peaceful and more harmonious if people lived according to the tenets of harmonial religion – except for the resulting distortion of truth.

Counter Claim:

The purpose of religion is not to explain God or to please God, but to help people meet some of their most basic human needs. The primary purpose of religion is not to put individuals in touch with God, but rather to put them in touch with one another.


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