Chronic cough

Other Names:
Dry coughing
Ticklish cough
Concert hall cough
Hacking cough

Chronic cough is long-term coughing, sometimes defined as more than several weeks or months. The term can be used to describe the different causes related to coughing, the 3 main ones being; upper airway cough syndrome, asthma and gastroesophageal reflux disease. It occurs in the upper airway of the respiratory system. Generally, a cough lasts around 1–2 weeks, however, chronic cough can persist for an extended period of time defined as 6 weeks or longer. People with chronic cough often experience more than one cause present. Due to the nature of the syndrome the treatments that are used are similar however there is a subsequent number of treatments available.

In Chinese medicine a dry, hacking cough is associated with heat or dryness. A weak cough is usually part of a deficiency pattern.
Audience members who are not engaged by the music they hear do not discipline themselves to behave as well as those who are caught up in the performance.
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