Inadequacy of postal services

Other Names:
Postal delays
Lack of postal agents
Postal services continue to be inadequate in most developing countries, partly because of the remoteness of many villages and the poor quality of road and rail networks; there are still many centres of population which have no post office. A surprising trend in recent decades has been the deterioration of postal services in certain developed countries as well. One reason is that the excellent services of the past depended on lavish use of manpower; another is that communication authorities now prefer to invest in improvement of the telephone system, which is profitable, rather than on maintenance of the postal system, which is not - hence the deterioration of postal services between persons, nations and continents. The faster the aeroplanes, it seems, the slower the post. This deterioration often causes serious disruptions in individual and commercial communication. There are also grounds for believing that the decline in the habit of letterwriting has been a factor in reducing the ability of many people to express themselves in a literate manner; this also represents a cultural loss.
Some 80% of letters are business related. In the UK unnecessary delays and industrial unrest costs commerce more than £4 billion a year.
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