Heavy breathing

Other Names:
Coarse breathing
Strong respiration

Heavy breath may refer to:

Breathing heavily (deep/fast/hard) A symptom possibly indicating the presence of a disease or abnormality "Heavy Breath", a song from the 2009 indie rock album Curse Your Branches by David Bazan Heavy breath play, an erotic fetish

Heavy breathing may refer to:

Heavy Breathing, a character in the late 1960s/early 1970s British sitcom The Dustbinmen Heavy Breathing: Poems, 1967-1980, a book by Philip Whalen "Heavy Breathing", a song from the emo pop punk post-hardcore album Resolution by Hidden in Plain View "Heavy Breathing", a song from the 1974 pop rock album Mr. Natural by the Bee Gees Heavy Breathing, Washington D.C. dance/noise rock band established in 2010

In Chinese medicine coarse, strong breathing may signify excess.

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