Military unreadiness

Other Names:
Military unpreparedness
Lack of adequate military defence
The consequences of military unreadiness in the case of an outbreak of war could be devastating. 1984 figures for the USA suggested that 25% fewer army units and 15% fewer air force units, were rated as fully or substantially ready for battle than in 1980. The main cause for concern is related to gaps in specific areas. For example, the USA is supposed to be able to reinforce Europe with 10 divisions in 10 days, but in fact it could send only six divisions if war broke out tomorrow.
(a) This military erosion is caused, at least in part, by a loss of individual responsibility in the officer corps. A civilian, cost-benefit orientation has demilitarized the military. The bureaucratization of command undermines troop readiness and morale. (b) There are many ways to address the lack of military readiness but cutting the defence budget is not one of them.
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F: Fuzzy exceptional problems
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