Sprains of joints

Other Names:
Strains of joints
Strains of muscles
Sprains and strains include laceration, rupture or tear of muscles, ligaments (which connect bones) or cartilage (which lines many joints). Most joints can suffer strain, including: the shoulder (scapula), the elbow (radius and ulna), the wrist (carpometacarpal joint), fingers, hip, knee, ankle, foot, neck, back, lumbosacral joint, jaw, pelvis, sternum and ribs.

A sprain is specifically a stretching or tearing of the elastic ligaments that connect bones. Studies show up to 40 percent of sprained ankles lead to recurring sprains, unstable joints, arthritis-like pain or other complications.

US orthopaedists estimate that 27,000 Americans a day sprain an ankle. It is the top orthopaedic complaint and most common sports injury.
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G: Very specific problems
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