Human Development

Universal life force

Although this force has never been identified scientifically, it appears in many traditions and cultures and is that which maintains life and health in beings bound by time and space, although the force itself has no bounds. It is the [ki] or [ch'i] of Taoism, the [prana] of Hinduism, the [aura] and [bioenergy] of western psychic beliefs, the [orgone] of orgone therapy, the [mana] of Hawaii, the divine radiance or glory of the Kabbalists, also referred to as astral light or [kavod], the [spiritus] of alchemy, the [pneuma], the [vis mediatrix naturae]. Depending on the belief concerned, power over this life force an be achieved in various ways, allowing the practitioner to heal or improve the health of himself or others, to increase life (as in alchemy) and to perform feats or [siddhis] impossible for the uninitiated. The vital force within creation may perhaps be compared with the Holy Spirit or breath of God, the third person of the Trinity, who was present at and fills all creation, acting in power through the person truly asking in faith and willing to lay down all claim to personal ego but to live life totally abandoned to the will of God.