human value


Other Names:
Reducing energy consumption
Introducing carbon taxes
Rearing rabbits for consumption
Reducing fossil fuel use
Identifying sustainable consumption patterns
Assessing urban energy production and consumption patterns
Taxing resources in high consumption countries
Assessing costs and financing to change consumption patterns
Avoiding unsustainable consumption patterns in developing countries
Publicizing services supporting sustainable production and consumption
Expanding databases on production and consumption patterns
Reducing meat consumption to conserve grain
Reducing demand for tobacco consumption
Uncoupling consumption from resource consumption
Assessing role of women in consumption
Reviewing progress made in achieving sustainable consumption patterns
Shifting from energy-intensive consumption
Developing national policies to change unsustainable consumption patterns
Decreasing consumption
Assessing impact of unsustainable production and consumption patterns
Globalizing consumption patterns
Assessing effectiveness of instruments to reduce consumption
Examining forces that drive consumption
Reducing youth smoking
Achieving sustainable production and consumption
Establishing priority needs for consumption of goods and services
Projecting resource consumption trends
Recovering product for local consumption
Maintaining minimal consumption requirements
Indicating need for resource planning
Setting priorities for consumption
Requiring resource planning priorities
Establishing need for resources
Limiting consumption of common assets
Balancing depletion and replacement rates of natural resources
Requiring priority response to consumption demands
Articulating perspective on consumption of economic goods and services
Revealing imbalances in priorities for resource consumption
Encouraging intentionality in consumption of resources
Enabling planning of future consumption
Intentionalizing use of resources
Pointing to consumption priorities
Defining minimum consumption requirements
Providing new data on consumption requirements
Setting appropriate fashion for consumption of goods and services
Challenging reductionisms in assessing consumption needs
Clarifying priority context for consumption of goods and services
Controlling consumption plans
Balancing consumption against social necessity
Studying causes of poor consumption practices
Improving consumption practices
Promoting sustainable energy consumption
Ensuring sustainable personal consumption
Ensuring sustainable personal consumption
Standardizing energy consumption
Encouraging disparities in energy consumption
Standardizing international consumption of resources
Maintaining international disparity in the consumption of resources
Exploiting international disparity in the consumption of resources
Reducing international disparity in the consumption of resources
Controlling consumption of alcohol by adolescents
Using production to serve consumption needs
Designing products that serve real needs
Increasing consumption of vegetables and fruit
Restricting energy consumption
Rejecting materialism
Forecasting energy consumption
Controlling drinking consumption
Encouraging cocoa consumption
Changing food consumption patterns
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values