human value


Other Names:
Fighting dracunculosis
Fighting public misinformation
Countering exploitation of women's image
Combating desertification
Reducing marine pollution
Preventing further incidence of AIDS
Fighting misinformation in science
Fighting parasitic disease
Preventing youth crime
Eliminating racism
Decoupling economic growth and pollution increase
Reducing prevalence of schistosomiasis
Fighting mafia
Reducing poverty
Eliminating leprosy
Protecting privacy of workers
Eliminating intolerance
Challenging people to fight
Fighting deportation
Fighting war against drugs
Exposing structural racism
Countering harassment
Making safer cities
Fighting the good fight
Controlling drug abuse
Waging war of religions
Obtaining mobile fighting equipment
Increasing fire fighting effectivity
Securing portable fire-fighting equipment
Supplying fire-fighting water reserves
Protecting human rights
Increasing literacy
Fighting drug peddling
Reducing bureaucratic rivalries
Reducing sexism
Increasing fight against drug barons
Protecting civil rights
Undertaking covert military operations
Preventing crime
Conflicting verbally
Protecting children
Engaging in bureaucratic infighting
Engaging in national political infighting
Defusing political infighting
Infighting within political parties
Stamping out immoral literature
Fighting indecency
Stabilizing tribalism
Preventing cancer
Fighting repression
Fighting against militarism
Fighting blindness
Fighting against antisemitism
Fighting for agricultural chemicals
Combating hunger
Fighting malaria
Fighting rescue
Reducing food waste
Aiding fire fighting rescue
Fighting against virus diseases
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values