human value


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Related Problems:
Class conflict
Ethnic conflict
Racial conflict
Social conflict
Border incidents and violence
Psychic conflict
Conflict of laws
Cultural conflict
Economic conflict
Language as a barrier to communication
Regional tensions
Conflict of duties
Sectarian conflict
Religious conflict
Political conflict
Economic unrest
Unreported violence
Disagreement concerning religious doctrine
Ideological conflict
Conflicts of interest
Intellectual conflict
Institutional conflict
Psychological conflict
International conflict
Conflict of information
Generation communication gap
Personality clashes
Internal armed conflicts
Conflicting uses of water resources
Conflict of domestic laws
Conflict of domestic laws
Frequent schedule disruptions
Conflicting roles of women
Destructive verbal conflict
Conflicts over fishing rights
Disconnected community initiatives
Unsustainable development of forest lands
Polarization of local conflicts
Polarization of local conflicts
Civil war
Conflict among minority groups
Unbridled competition for land
Conflicting national divorce laws
Conflict of laws over nationality
Religious and political antagonism
Tribal conflicts within states
International non-military conflict
Conflicting international priorities
Conflict of interests in imperialism
Disagreement among experts
Conflicting social service ideologies
Work-family discord
Conflicting styles of personal formality
Denial of human rights in armed conflicts
Territorial disputes between states
Risk of unintentional nuclear war
Vulnerability of holy places during conflict
Parochial national interests
Vulnerability of women and children in emergencies
Conflict concerning legal custody of children
War between socialist states
Conflicting roles of commodities in capitalism
Conflicting claims to non-terrestrial territory
Conflicting roles of money in capitalist systems
Environmental consequences of war
Jurisdictional conflict among academic disciplines
Conflicting interpretations of universal human rights
Conflicting claims to shared inland water resources
Reward biased research
Conflicting claims concerning off-shore territorial waters
Jurisdictional conflict within international organizations
Jurisdictional conflict among international organizations
Conflict of laws on international restriction of information
Conflicts of national law in relation to international transactions
Conflicting claims to inherited titles
Lack of participation in attempting to solve intergroup conflicts
Differences in national economic interest
Conflicting national laws governing cheques
Conflicting laws concerning bills of exchange and promissory notes
Conflicting human rights claims
Conflicting standards for protection against chemical occupational hazards
Conflicting requirements of production and workers
Rival claims for conservation land
Jurisdictional conflict and antagonism within the specialized agencies of the United Nations
Jurisdictional conflict and antagonism among regional intergovernmental organizations with common membership
Erosion of collective consensus
Conflict of interest in medical doctors
Jurisdictional conflict and antagonism among international organizations at the country level
Jurisdictional conflict and antagonism among the specialized agencies of the United Nations
Superficial conflict resolution
Payment priority conflicts
Jurisdictional conflict and antagonism between national government agencies
Conflicting laws concerning financial securities
Contradictory solutions to national economic goals
Conflicting demands on available machinery
Conflicting multiple nationalities
Planning conflicts between political and industrial sectors
Jurisdictional conflict and antagonism within intergovernmental organizations
Conflicting land rights
Conflicts arising from depletion of renewable resources
Conflict between government and the news media
Conflict of international laws
Conflicting children's roles
Jurisdictional conflict and antagonism within international nongovernmental organizations
Jurisdictional conflict and antagonism within international nongovernmental organizations
Conflict of interest among parliamentarians
Jurisdictional conflict and antagonism among intergovernmental organizations
Conflicting models of health
Burden of conflicting national regulations on transnational corporations
Conflicting symbol systems
Deforestation in time of war
Conflicting labour laws among countries
Conflicting agency priorities
Low-intensity conflict
Domestic quarrels
Conflicting military obligations for persons of multiple nationality
Conflicting claims concerning Antarctic territory
Vulnerability of children during armed conflict
Conflict between capital and labour
Uncoordinated community calendar
Conflict of interest among governments
Conflicting social expectations
Gender dysphoria
Conflict of interests in business
Jurisdictional conflict and antagonism among international nongovernmental organizations
Promoting periods of tranquillity in armed conflict
Settling regional tensions
Managing international conflict
Advancing conflict resolution
Adjudicating environmental conflicts
Settling border disputes
Researching ethnic issues
Researching armament - petroleum coalition
Reconstructing after war
Studying great power regional involvement
Understanding need for military intervention by democracies
Using water as a weapon
Sending conflicting signals
Shattering conflict myths
Negotiating disputes
Evacuating expatriates in disaster or conflict situations
Conducting war games
Helping children in conflict with law
Protecting children from armed conflict
Imposing mediated solutions to regional conflicts
Appreciating vocal conflict
Developing practical procedures for dispute management
Assembling conflicting opinions
Developing mobilization plan in event of warfare
Forcing articulation of social conflict
Articulating conflict
Imposing context for judicial procedure
Providing factual basis for dispute resolution
Exposing social conflict
Perpetuating conflicting life styles
Resolving conflict through emphasis on local issues
Informing about security and conflict
Enabling judicial consensus on human rights
Polarizing conflicts
Resolving local conflicts
Reducing internal conflict
Transforming uncreative vocal conflict
Managing violent conflict
Protecting against vulnerability of holy places during conflict
Protecting the environment during warfare
Denying human rights in armed conflicts
Using conflict
Using international conflict
Conflicting verbally
Advocating ideological conflict
Negotiating conflicts concerning legal custody of children
Reappraising value of money in capitalism
Negotiating conflicting claims to terrestrial territory
Reconciling conflicting roles of money in capitalist systems
Negotiating jurisdictional conflict among academic disciplines
Acknowledging roles of both pure and applied science
Negotiating conflicting claims concerning off-shore territorial waters
Adjudicating jurisdictional conflict within international organizations
Negotiating jurisdictional conflict between international organizations
Internalizing conflicts
Resolving environmental conflicts
Promoting conflict
Industrializing conflicts
Resolving trade conflicts
Resolving violent conflicts
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values