human value


Other Names:
Related Problems:
Lack of quality
Inadequate rainfall
Self-image unrelated to the external world
Breakdown of local community cohesion
Lack of family life education
Refusal of family possibilities
Unsustainable exploitation of fish resources
Inadequate military capability
Physical unfitness
Declining economic productivity
Subsistence life style
Infrequent achievement of honours
Reduced images of humanness
Decline in civic participation
Habituation to unpleasant news
Decreasing participation in collective religious worship
Unprepared leadership
Reduction in symbolic celebrations
Reduced stock of low-income housing
Restricted growth in export markets
Technological monoculture
Insufficient birth spacing in families
Reduced interior structure of families
Inadequate funding of international programmes
Reduced images of environmental protection
Overemphasis on individual rights
Vulnerability of marriage as an institution
Increased reflection of solar radiation
Neglect of the aged
Extinction of rainforest species
Reduction in building of nuclear power stations
Indecisive multilateralism
Reduced investment in small inner-city enterprises
Excessive leniency in sentencing of offenders
Collapse in the meaning of participating in society
Progressive reduction in government action commitment
Obstacles to redeployment of military resources for peaceful applications
Government failure to prosecute offenders
Social hardships of economic reform
Reduction in demand for primary commodities due to technological change
Legal contract system reduced to individual needs
Reduction of fallow periods on agricultural land
Reduced activity of malnourished children
Economic loss through reduced productivity of diseased animals
Inefficient public spending to alleviate poverty
Inadequate groundwater recharge
Reduction of soil fertility downstream due to impoundment
Lost family role in society
Inadequate income in old age
Monopolization of agricultural genetic resources
Decline in genetic diversity of seed stocks
Monopolization of seed industry
Falling rate of carbon sequestration
Congenital limb reduction defects
Reduced information distribution
Reduction of ocean shipping services
Reductionistic decision making criteria in the construction industry
Reduced dimension of the marriage covenant
Loss of river silt
Low salt diet
Reduction of glacier size
Decrease in ice cover
Reduction of workforce in enterprises
Reduction of diversity through policy
Declining community population
Limited irrigation water
Brain shrinkage
Reduction of working time
Reduced agricultural reliance
Restricted state support of the family
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values