human value


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Related Problems:
Vulnerable women
Crop vulnerability
Vulnerable children
Geographically disadvantaged countries
Endangered forests
Depressed industries
Consumer vulnerability
Destruction of wetland environments
Insecurity of property
Geopolitical vulnerability
Travel risks
Vulnerability of organisms
Vulnerability of small towns
Vulnerability of food chains
Violation of sacred sites
Vulnerability of middle-class
Occupational risks and hazards of the medical profession
Vulnerability of stock markets
Declining breeds of cultivated plants
Vulnerability of women refugees
Vulnerability of human organism
Vulnerability of social systems
Unprotected vulnerable economies
International economic recession
Vulnerability of encryption codes
Vulnerability of society to truth
Vulnerability of lakes and rivers
Exploitation of the elderly
Vulnerability of refugee children
Vulnerability of ecosystem niches
Vulnerability of marine ecosystems
Vulnerable nuclear weapons arsenals
Energy dependence and vulnerability
Avoidance of copyright
Instability of the world economy
Threatened and vulnerable minorities
Denial of rights to vulnerable groups
Lack of protection for the vulnerable
Jeopardization of universality
European insecurity and vulnerability
Military insecurity and vulnerability
National insecurity and vulnerability
Vulnerability of intellectual property
Vulnerability of nuclear power sources
Vulnerability of land-locked countries
Vulnerability of government to lobbying
Economic inflation
Threatened species of living organisms
Vulnerability of high technology systems
Vulnerability of protected natural areas
Vulnerability of world genetic resources
Deforestation of mountainous regions
Vulnerability to long-term climate cycles
Vulnerability of arid developing countries
Vulnerability of least developed countries
Vulnerability of marriage as an institution
Vulnerability of world cable communications
Vulnerability of holy places during conflict
Vulnerability of marine animal communication
External debt crisis
Vulnerability of economies to import penetration
Vulnerability of nuclear defence control systems
Vulnerability of women and children in emergencies
Excessive institutionalization of vulnerable groups
Economic sanctions against governments
Medical experimentation on socially vulnerable groups
Insecurity and vulnerability of nuclear weapon states
Vulnerability of small nations to foreign intervention
Vulnerability of the elderly under states of emergency
Agricultural risks
Vulnerability of the disabled during states of emergency
Insecurity and vulnerability of non-nuclear weapon states
Vulnerability of socio-economic systems to globalization
Vulnerability to abuse of strategically distributed products
Placement of the burden of proof on the disempowered
Trade barriers against developing countries
Vulnerability of marine environment to catastrophic warfare damage
Violation of rights of vulnerable groups during states of emergency
Human incapacity to respond to computer-generated decisions
Inappropriate foreign investment
Vulnerability of national economies to vagaries of external markets for goods and services
Threatened species of Felidae
Insecurity of mobile telephone communication
Discriminatory operation of international commodity exchanges
Vulnerability of children to AIDS
Heterosexual infection of women with AIDS
Vulnerability of animals during states of emergency
Violation of immunities of international civil servants
Vulnerability of island developing countries and territories
Vulnerability of crops to weather
Inequality induced by remote sensing systems
Dependency of the elderly
Vulnerability of children to pesticide residues in food
Vulnerability of indigenous populations to introduction of diseases
Government harassment of human rights activists
Vulnerability of drug users to AIDS
Occupational hazards of painters
Threatened species of Chiroptera
Commercially sponsored health education
Media imperialism
Vulnerability of telephone system
Vulnerability of frontier workers
Vulnerability of children during armed conflict
Trading in products containing toxic substances
Vulnerability of human intellect
Strengthening institutions supporting improved health of vulnerable groups
Consulting vulnerable groups on laws to protect their health
Managing drylands
Conserving plant genetic resources
Conserving endangered equids
Protecting mountain habitats
Protecting wetland ecosystems
Providing health information and education to vulnerable groups
Strengthening science and technology to protect vulnerable groups
Developing human resources to protect vulnerable groups
Integrating poverty alleviation in vulnerable areas into national development strategies
Protecting vulnerable groups
Improving employment for vulnerable groups
Studying human dimensions of environmental change
Reducing vulnerability of women and children to HIV infection
Convening meetings on health services for vulnerable groups
Conserving vulnerable land
Assessing costs and financing to protect vulnerable groups
Supporting practices less vulnerable to atmospheric changes
Assessing influence of vulnerable groups on sustainable development
Providing technical support on health of vulnerable groups to governments and organizations
Providing foreign aid in support of impoverished vulnerable groups
Compensating for loss of trade
Identifying vulnerable groups for health effects of climate change
Protecting nuclear power plants
Protecting intellectual property
Combating drought
Providing functional skills in vulnerable areas
Maintaining social order
Assisting women refugees
Assisting refugee children
Reducing travel risks
Reducing occupational risks and hazards of the medical profession
Threatening vulnerable minorities
Threatening vulnerable countries
Reducing threat to the survival of marriage
Protecting threatened and vulnerable minorities
Reducing military threats to vulnerable countries
Respecting rights of vulnerable groups during states of emergency
Exposing violation of rights of vulnerable groups during states of emergency
Protecting against vulnerability
Protecting vulnerable women
Protecting vulnerable countries
Protecting against forest vulnerability
Protecting vulnerable industries
Protecting against geopolitical vulnerability
Protecting against vulnerability of organisms
Protecting against vulnerability of small towns
Protecting against vulnerability of food chains
Protecting against vulnerability of sacred sites
Protecting against vulnerability of middle-class
Protecting against vulnerability of stock markets
Protecting against vulnerability of human organism
Protecting against vulnerability to economic cycles
Protecting against vulnerability of encryption codes
Protecting against vulnerability of society to truth
Protecting against vulnerability of elders' property
Protecting against vulnerable nuclear weapons arsenals
Protecting against energy dependence and vulnerability
Protecting against vulnerability of performers' rights
Protecting against vulnerability of national economies
Protecting rights of vulnerable groups
Protecting the vulnerable
Protecting against vulnerability of universal principles
Protecting against vulnerability of government to lobbying
Protecting against vulnerability of countries to inflation
Protecting against vulnerability of technology
Protecting against vulnerability of protected natural areas
Protecting against vulnerability of world genetic resources
Protecting against vulnerability to long-term climate cycles
Protecting against vulnerability of least developed countries
Protecting against vulnerability of world cable communications
Protecting against vulnerability of holy places during conflict
Protecting against vulnerability of marine animal communication
Protecting vulnerable countries against increasing foreign debt
Protecting against vulnerability of nuclear defence control systems
Protecting women and children in emergencies
Protecting against excessive institutionalization of vulnerable groups
Protecting against inadvertent impact of sanctions on vulnerable groups
Protecting against medical experimentation on socially vulnerable groups
Protecting against vulnerability of the elderly under states of emergency
Protecting against vulnerability of agriculture to declines in production
Protecting national socio-economic systems from globalization
Protecting against overseas imports
Protecting against vulnerability of national economies to vagaries of external markets
Protecting ocean resources from catastrophic warfare damage
Reducing vulnerability to aggression
Reducing vulnerability of arid developing countries
Preventing crime
Protecting marine ecosystems
Protecting fragile ecosystems
Denying rights to vulnerable groups
Using vulnerable groups
Protecting property
Providing protection for disabled during states of emergency
Protecting vulnerable groups during disasters
Disempowering vulnerable groups
Protecting consumers
Protecting socially endangered children
Protecting plants and animals
Institutionalizing vulnerable groups
Exploiting the vulnerable
Decreasing foreign debt of vulnerable countries
Providing security for land-locked countries
Providing European security
Providing military security
Providing security for nuclear weapon states
Providing national security
Improving drought relief measures
Resisting foreign government intervention
Providing sufficient crop protection
Abstaining from protection of vulnerable groups during disasters
Conserving vulnerable vegetable germplasm
Analysing economic vulnerability
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values