human value


Financing essential clinical health services
Giving priority to training in traditional biotechnologies
Assessing existing biotechnology programmes and priority needs of developing countries
Convening international meetings on priority biotechnology issues
Giving priority to cryogenic storage
Giving priority in education budgets to primary education
Giving priority to education literacy programmes for women
Giving higher priority to budgets in sustainable development education and training
Giving priority to primary environmental care in deprived urban and rural areas
Giving priority to training on safety procedures
Monitoring priority changes in national environmental action plans
Giving priority to universal sustainable development curricula in primary schools
Improving access of girls to basic education
Establishing priority needs for consumption of goods and services
Directing determined priorities
Supporting sustainable development of small island developing countries
Improving priority technical skills
Requiring resource planning priorities
Requiring priority response to consumption demands
Revealing imbalances in priorities for resource consumption
Pointing to consumption priorities
Clarifying priority context for consumption of goods and services
Influencing priority decisions
Putting profit in its place
Emphasizing profit
Disputing priority of innovations
Improving economic priority system
Raising farming priority
Raising commercial priority
Processing low priority legislative reform
Lowering commercial priority
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values