human value


Eliminating violence against women
Resisting domestic violence
Employing domestic violence
Countering conventional understanding of war
Increasing public awareness of the impact of violence in society
Assisting victims of sexual violence
Providing alternatives to violence
Reducing gun violence
Employing violence
Accepting violence
Reducing violence
Reducing mob violence
Reducing youth violence
Reducing urban violence
Reducing civil violence
Reducing sexual violence
Reducing racist violence
Reducing sectarian violence
Reducing political violence
Reducing electoral violence
Reporting violence
Managing culture of violence
Reducing structural violence
Managing hot weather violence
Reducing police force violence
Reducing violent play in sports
Reducing acceptance of violence
Reducing incitement to violence
Reducing violence as a resource
Reducing violence as entertainment
Reducing violence against minorities
Reducing incidence of violent computer games
Managing genetically determined violence
Reducing violence along internal borders
Managing criminal violence and disorders
Reducing violence against the handicapped
Reducing violence in parliamentary assemblies
Reducing violence against indigenous minorities
Reducing state-supported violence against citizens
Managing psychological violence
Using border violence
Minimizing cross-border violence
Using structural violence
Correcting criminal violence
Portraying violence
Reducing fear of violence
Inciting violence
Campaigning against violence
Investigating domestic violence
Opposing violence to prisoners
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values