human value


Enabling fair elections
Liberalizing trade
Re-inventing democracy
Maintaining democratic political foundation
Promoting democratic local governments
Increasing democratic decision-making
Revitalizing constitutional democracy
Ensuring equitable access to international environmental funds
Quickening individual conviction to corporate governance
Exposing historical necessity for democratic government
Gathering relevant input for collective deliberation
Creating global local polity models
Improving democratic procedures
Democratic socialism
Relieving democratic government paralysis
Offering learner-managed learning
Democratizing regimes
Exposing undemocratic pressures
Democratizing leadership
Democratizing police state
Democratizing political organization
Democratizing national political systems
Condemning undemocratic policy-making
Condemning undemocratic organizations
Condemning government support for undemocratic regimes
Reinforcing democratic processes by institutionalized lobbying
Creating representative electoral systems
Respecting democratic processes
Supporting corrupt regimes
Using democratic processes
Participating as local communities in democratic processes
Abstaining from participation by local communities in democratic processes
Implementing democratic reforms
Developing democratic rights
Disseminating christian democratic ideas
Building democracy
Fortifying international democratic labour
Supporting democratic principles
Promoting democratic principles
Protecting democratic freedoms
Creating democratic government
Developing democratic systems
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values