human value


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Related Problems:
Limited available land
Energy crisis
Labour shortage
Lack of jobs
Housing shortage
Lack of time
Insufficient financial resources
Shortage of urban land
Inadequate hero images
Shortage of fresh-water
Global shortage of funds
Foreign exchange reserve shortages
Inadequate protein supply
Shortage of animal protein
Inadequate domestic monetary reserves
Insufficient educational material
Unavailability of farming land
Long-term shortage of water
Food insecurity
Inadequate human resources development
Shortage of trained teachers
Shortage of natural resources
Shortage of funds for research
Shortage of books and textbooks
Overexploitation of underground water resources
Long-term shortage of commodities
Shortage of entrepreneurial ability
Shortage of entrepreneurial ability
Shortage of entrepreneurial ability
Long-term shortage of mineral energy resources
Exhaustion of mineral resources
Mediocrity of government leaders
Shortage of experimental non-human primates
Limited availability of technical expertise in remote communities
Shortage of time for appropriate policy making
Shortage of professional and technical personnel
Shortage of biological specimens for medical study
Shortage of financial resources for action against problems
Human incapacity to respond to computer-generated decisions
Shortage of adequately trained personnel to act against problems
Shortage of financial resources within the United Nations system of organization
Long-term shortage of natural and manufactured gas
Long-term shortage of wheat
Shortage of regenerated cellulose
Nickel ore and concentrates shortage
Shortage of marriageable men
Shortage of exciting events
Shortage of chocolate
Long-term shortage of clothing
Shortage of dried fruit
Shortage of fixed vegetable oils and fats
Shortage of skilled transport workers
Long-term shortage of furniture
Wood, shaped or simply worked, shortage
Long-term shortage of salt-water fish, crustacea and molluscs and preparations thereof
Long-term shortage of beverages and tobacco
Molybdenum ores and concentrates shortage
Shortage of preserved fruit preparations
Shortage of trained apprentices
World tension in oil and petroleum crises
Environmental hazards of explosives and pyrotechnic products
Shortage of sugar confectionery
Shortage of equipment and materials needed to act against problems
Shortage of tantalum ores and concentrates
Shortage of animal oils and fats
Shortage of textile, yarn fabrics, made-up articles
Thorium ores and concentrates shortage
Shortage of photographical and optical goods
Shortage in tanning and dyeing materials
Long-term shortage of livestock
Long-term shortage of sugar and honey and preparations thereof
Shortage of industrial water
Shortage of oils and perfume materials
Shortage of sand and gravel
Barley shortage
Long-term shortage of manufactured goods
Shortage of textile fibres and waste
Dangerous car parking
Shortage of animal and vegetable oils and fats and waxes
Iron and steel manufactures shortage
Shortage of women instructors
Shortage of hardwood
Shortage of miscellaneous manufactured articles
Long-term shortage of coffee, tea, cocoa and spice manufactures
Long-term shortage of metalliferous ores and metal scrap
Shortage of preserved vegetables
Shortage of manganese ores and concentrates
Shortage of maize
Long-term shortage of mineral fuels and lubricants
Long-term shortage of miscellaneous manufactured articles
Shortage of meal and flour other than wheat or meslin
Shortage of coal-derived tar and crude chemicals
Long-term shortage of chemicals
Shortage of domestic servants
Shortage of industrial diamonds
Sulphur shortage
Unavailability of timber resources
Shortage of miscellaneous rubber manufactures
Travel goods and handbags shortage
Shortage of marriageable women
Shortage of sanitary plumbing, heating and lighting fixtures and fittings
Declining volunteer services
Long-term shortage of coal
Silver ores shortage
Platinum ores shortage
Abrasives shortage
Shortage of firewood
Shortage of military manpower
Unmet demand for unskilled workers
Shortage of pesticides
Long-term shortage of cereals and cereal preparations
Shortage of professional, scientific and controlling instruments
Electric machinery apparatus and appliances shortage
Lack of water for agriculture
Long-term shortage of machinery and transport equipment
Long-term shortage of dairy products and eggs
Limited construction manpower
Inadequate urban water supplies
Shortage of tea and mate
Shortage of chromium ores and concentrates
Tin ore and concentrates shortage
Shortage of resins
Meal and flour of wheat or meslin shortage
Shortage of waste landfill sites
Beverages shortage
Shortage of banknotes
Long-term shortage of meat and meat preparations
Shortage of watches and clocks
Copper ore and concentrates shortage
Long-term shortage of crude fertilizers and crude minerals, excluding coal, petroleum and precious stones
Shortage of land for cemeteries
Water deprivation of downstream locations
Shortage of leather, miscellaneous leather manufactures and dressed fur skins
Bauxite and aluminium concentrates shortage
Skins and fur skins shortage
Shortage of zirconium ores and concentrates
Long-term shortage of animal feedstuffs excluding unmilled cereals
Iron ore and concentrates shortage
Shortage of titanium ores and concentrates
Shortage of public cleaning
Long-term shortage of animal and vegetable oils and fats
Long-term shortage of fruit and vegetable preparations
Long-term shortage of uranium resources
Lead ore and concentrates shortage
Shortage of meat and meat preparations
Long-term shortage of manufactured fertilizers
Long-term shortage of electric energy
Long-term shortage of food and live animals
Paper shortage
Plastic materials shortage
Insufficient medical supplies
Shortage of tobacco and tobacco manufactures
Spices shortage
Long-term shortage of rice
Long-term shortage of petroleum and petroleum products
Shortage of fresh vegetables
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values