human value


Other Names:
Introducing carbon taxes
Introducing environmental taxes
Providing amnesty for tax evasion
Increasing taxes
Reducing fiscal inequality
Increasing technical assistance to developing countries to design and operate efficient tax systems
Improving tax collection
Using user-pays principle
Withholding tax at source
Reducing smoking with tax incentives
Creating biodiversity conservation taxes
Removing perverse environmental subsidies
Eliminating tax deductions for environmentally harmful activities
Establishing peace tax fund
Standardizing property tax base
Exploring tax-related advantages
Enabling local tax provision
Investigating tax system workings
Reforming tax systems
Reducing taxes
Identifying tax obstacles to international investment
Spending government income
Relieving paralyzing property tax
Reducing taxation of nonprofit charitable organizations
Restricting tax base
Restricting tax structure
Taxing currency speculation
Diversifying tax base
Avoiding tax
Removing tax barriers
Reducing tax discrimination against investment in a foreign country
Standardizing national tax systems
Reducing disparity between national tax systems
Distorting tax systems
Standardizing tax systems
Equalizing tax systems
Introducing pollution-based tax system
Delaying introduction of tax on pollution
Regulating tobacco
Applying taxation
Providing tax assessment
Taxing socially inappropriate products
Reducing inequality of tax treaties
Using tax loopholes
Blocking tax loopholes
Advancing international tax
Raising public revenues by land tax
Assisting tax administrators
Assisting tax administrators
Investigating national tax laws
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values