human value


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Related Problems:
Soil degradation
Vulnerability of marine ecosystems
Loss of capacity with age
Deforestation of mountainous regions
Behavioural deterioration
Compounding effect of treating genetic diseases
Wood deterioration and decay
Deteriorating quality of life
Deteriorating community identity
Soil infertility
Deterioration of media standards
Physical unfitness
Manufacture of substandard products
Inadequate care of community space
Deterioration of human environment
Deterioration of development process
Environmental degradation of inner city areas
Deterioration of staple food production
Environmental degradation
Deteriorating rural community cooperation
Fragmentation of the international trading system
Misuse of grassland and rangeland
Pollution of inland waters
Deterioration of international terms of trade
Blighted land use
Deteriorating physical infrastructure in cities
Socio-economic poverty
Deteriorated building conditions
Global warming
Instability of the world economy
Deteriorating social environments for raising children
Deterioration of the physical condition of art objects
Excessive anxiety on overseas lending
Inadequate equipment maintenance
Deteriorating balance between financial assistance and structural adjustment
Deterioration of living standards of workers
Deteriorating downtown district
Unmaintained educational facilities
Deterioration of nuclear power plants
Abandoned private homes
Deterioration of cultural artefacts by tourism
Deterioration of stained glass due to acid rain
Unhealthy human environment
Defective municipal water delivery equipment
Hostilities between central and local governments
Deterioration in atmospheric visibility
Deterioration in external financial position of countries
Deterioration of village amenities
Deterioration of stored documents and archives
Alzheimer's disease
Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values