human value


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Related Problems:
Undiversified tax base
Decrease in mortality rate
Crop failures
Low self esteem
Intellectual disability
Low birth-weights
Elimination of traditional skills
Protein-energy malnutrition
Lack of self-confidence
Community demoralization
Disincentives against farming
Marginal level of family income
Inadequate teaching
Underpayment for work
Stagnated development of agricultural production
Inadequate agricultural capital
Subsistence approach to capital resources
Undeveloped channels for commercial initiative
Global shortage of funds
Manufacture of substandard products
Low general expectations
Inferior classes
High cost of housing
Economic underdevelopment
Low learning expectations
Decline in educational standards
Structural rigidities in labour markets
Unrecognized relevance of education
Insufficient national creditworthiness
Low-quality construction work
Low self image due to illiteracy
Lax university standards
Reduced stock of low-income housing
Import competition from low-wage countries
Inadequate domestic savings
Transfer of industries to low-wage countries
Limited availability of technical expertise in remote communities
Excess production capacity
Unconvincing alternatives to existing societies
Shortage of time for appropriate policy making
Limited availability of land for low-income and disadvantaged groups
Inadequate dietary fibre
Low-grade radio communications
Minimal retailed merchandise
Obesity due to low metabolism
Water pollution by pharmaceuticals
Threatened subtropical woodland habitats
Low blood pressure
Low community visibility
Abnormal blood pressure
Underpayment of police
Threatened tropical woodland habitats
Low plant investment per worker
Low agricultural priorities
Unpractised dental prevention
Limited reading ability
Placenta praevia
Inappropriate use of low frequency acoustic sound
Low confidence in investment and stock markets
Threatened dwarf-shrubland habitats
Low athletics priority
Muscular weakness
Low fertility of turkeys
Low-yield rice crops
Low standard educational institutions
Threatened deciduous dwarf-shrubland habitats
Loss of credibility in international institutions
Threatened xeromorphic dwarf-shrubland habitats
Undiversified stock raising
Low productivity of agricultural workers
Low salt diet
Low-intensity conflict
Lower back pain
Low bank interest rates
Low energy diet
Female sterility
Low commune priority
Military demoralization
Low business visibility
Scarcity of high-quality seeds
Low complementarity of national economies
Threatened evergreen dwarf-shrubland habitats
Inappropriate tree plantations
Health hazards of environmental electromagnetism
Threatened mainly deciduous dwarf-shrubland habitats
Threatened mainly deciduous dwarf-shrubland habitats
Calcium deficiency
Lack of male libido
Inadequate investment performance
Accommodating low inflation rates
Providing low-interest loans
Providing low-interest loans
Constructing low energy buildings
Reviewing measures to address debt problems of low and middle income countries
Revising building codes to provide low-income housing
Giving special consideration to credit worthy low-income countries
Introducing low cost technologies
Increasing information exchange on low cost sanitation
Preparing guidelines on waste management for unserved low-income areas
Identifying low-cost options for waste management
Developing low-cost approach to improving drinking water supply
Increasing availability of low-cost sanitation options
Expanding water services for rural and low-income peri-urban areas
Providing low-income loans
Developing sanitation for low-income city areas
Financing housing for the poor
Promoting low income energy
Providing training on low-cost waste collection and disposal options
Banning disposal of low level radioactive waste at sea
Providing low cost cartage
Opening low capital industry
Introducing low-cost wholesome food
Developing corporate low-cost rentals
Demonstrating low-cost feasible designs
Establishing attractive low-cost cafe
Acquiring low-cost building supplies
Producing good low-cost publications
Obtaining low interest loans
Showing low-cost building techniques
Developing low cost housing policy
Producing nutritious low cost meat
Producing low-cost food supplements
Offering low-cost practical training
Procuring low-cost farm supplies
Popularizing global travel
Reducing shortfalls in agricultural crop production
Decreasing low-income population
Limiting low-cost housing
Increasing competition from low-wage countries
Increasing transfer of industries to low-wage countries
Processing low priority legislative reform
Using low-yield farm methods
Lowering competition from low-wage countries
Reducing transfer of industries to low-wage countries
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values