human value


Monitoring conservation of coral reefs
Reporting on global environmental status
Conducting environmental site assessment
Granting observer status
Monitoring critical habitat status
Obtaining legal status for natural populations
Reviewing personal status laws
Monitoring wetland biodiversity conservation
Monitoring status of forest resources
Strengthening legal status of plant genetic resources for agriculture
Preparing periodic status reports on plant genetic resources
Preparing national environmental synopses
Increasing awareness of link between status of women and demographic dynamics
Assessing status of ecosystems
Improving environmental health monitoring
Enhancing status of artists
Promoting education about women's issues
Assessing status of coastal areas
Supporting development of local financial intermediaries
Reviewing information on national parks
Upgrading status and skills of managers in waste management agencies
Assessing resident health status
Justifying status quo
Delineating special rights accruing from status
Accounting for obligations accruing from social status
Recognizing symbolic functions accruing from social status
Securing status according to station
Providing updated project status
Reporting legal property status
Honouring business cooperatives
Facilitating earning graduate status
Recognizing status criteria in relation to occupation
Requiring authorization
Recognizing accrued status in society
Preserving status quo
Cautioning against uncritical preservation of the status quo
Eliminating unnecessary status projects
Changing status
Designating conservation status
Denying right to a people to determine their own political status
Obtaining consultant status
Using professional status
Discrediting faulty predictions based on maintenance of the status quo
Enforcing anonymous status
Taking inferior status employment
Improving conditions of immigrant labourers
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values