human value


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Related Problems:
Competitive envy
Unfair competition
Unbridled competition
Unwanted products and services
Differential labour costs among countries
Interspecific competition
Intraspecific competition
Export credit competition
Proliferation of strategic nuclear weapons
Widespread community factionalism
Underpayment for work
Competitiveness in education
Unbridled academic competition
Unbridled competition for land
Unbridled economic competition
Competitive acquisition of arms
Unconstrained free trade
Superpower rivalry
Political rivalry
Overpowering competitive markets
Declining international competitiveness
Monopoly consumer services
Vulnerability of socio-economic systems to globalization
Depressed industries
Competitive techno-economic warfare
Regional protectionism
Unbridled competition among states
Anti-trust corporate behaviour
Reallocation of aid funds to alternative priorities
Competitive development of new weapons
Corporate smear campaigns
Competitive distortion of musical pitch
Unfair contests
Import competition from low-wage countries
Unbridled competition for scarce resources
Restricted growth in export markets
Unbridled competition in capitalist systems
Misuse of international forums
Religious rivalry
Technological monoculture
Unbridled economic competition in communist systems
Ineffective governmental use of nongovernmental resources
Reduction in demand for primary commodities due to technological change
Commercialization of universities
Discrimination against local community shopping facilities
Unbridled competition among international organizations for scarce resources
Discriminatory exchange rate policies
Restriction of free market competition by transnational corporations
Loss of water to industrial uses
Increasing proportion of land surface devoted to urbanization
Culture-denying competition
Inadequate adjustment assistance to industries and labour affected by export competition
Uncompetitive local merchandising
Ineffective university faculty members
Competition between reason and faith
Obligation to accept uncompetitive prices
Competition for scarce patients
Unstimulating entertainment
Unbridled competition among international NGOs for scarce resources
Discrimination against men in sports
Intranational competition
Decline in commercial competition due to entrance barriers
Discrimination against women in sports
Unbridled competition among government agencies
Labour displacement due to import competition
Identifying competition
Identifying competition
Reducing measures supporting uncompetitive production
Being competitive at the country level
Resolving competing land use requirements
Instituting compulsory competitive tendering
Improving competitiveness to support sustainable development
Fostering competitive services sectors
Fostering competitive shipping services
Fostering competitive multimodal transport services
Fostering competition
Strengthening technological competition
Integrating environmental strategies into industrial competitiveness
Determining primary competitive stores
Enabling competitive goods supply
Expanding organized competitive events
Fostering creative corporate competition
Encouraging individual competitive acts
Stimulating creative local competition
Enabling competitive wage initiatives
Eliminating competitive range animals
Encouraging competitive sports
Deregulating commerce
Enhancing scientific and technological research
Studying causes of poor competitive standing
Improving competitive standing
Reducing protectionism in the insurance industry
Reducing protectionism in the telecommunications industries
Reducing national rivalry
Reducing rivalry among international organizations
Investigating academic competition
Curtailing unfettered competition
Reducing intensity of academic competition
Reducing intensity of economic competition
Reducing intensity of political competition
Reducing intensity of competition for aid funding
Reducing intensity of competition for scarce resources
Reducing intensity of competition in capitalist systems
Reducing intensity of competition among social agencies
Reducing intensity of competition among missionary bodies
Reducing intensity of economic competition in communist systems
Encouraging academic competition
Encouraging political competition
Encouraging competition between states
Encouraging competition in capitalist systems
Increasing competitiveness of rural attractions
Increasing competitiveness of business practices
Competing in business
Reversing decline in industry competitiveness
Establishing stable competitive markets
Competing for exports
Decreasing competition for export markets
Providing impartiality of competition judges
Abstaining from fair competition judges
Limiting technical innovation
Increasing competition from low-wage countries
Lowering competition from low-wage countries
Increasing competitiveness
Ensuring fair competition
Safeguarding competition
Promoting gymnastics competition
Strengthening industrial competitiveness
Restricting competition
Meeting competition
Obstructing free competition
Promoting open competition
Promoting free competition
Freeing competition
Conditions of trade
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values