human value


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Related Problems:
Inadequate transport systems for isolated islands
Unretrievable documents
Social inaccessibility
Inadequate health services
Inaccessibility of justice
Inaccessible public records
Inaccessible decision makers
Inaccessibility of knowledge
Inaccessible wilderness areas
Inaccessible recreation areas
Limited availability of health resources
Limited availability of loans
Inaccessible religious records
Absentee ownership
Inaccessible government agencies
Physically inaccessible services
Classified public information
Inaccessible historical libraries
Physically inaccessible resources
Inaccessibility of health services
Inaccessible educational facilities
Inaccessible administrative agencies
Inaccessible market and supply centres
Inaccessibility of water for recreation
Inaccessibility of religious scriptures
Ineffective delivery of basic human resource services
International inaccessibility of justice
Restrictions on the distribution of confidential government information
Neglect of adolescent health care
Inaccessibility of countryside to city dwellers
Inaccessibility of city centres to suburban residents
Inaccessibility of quiet zones in an urban environment
Inaccessible supply of repair materials
Inaccessible scientific information
Inaccessibility of urban parks
Threatened species of Atlantisia rogersi
Unavailability of agricultural information
Inaccessible places of worship
Distant agricultural services
Inaccessible government plans
Restricted delivery of essential services to rural communities
Geographic discrimination in the administration of justice
Inaccessible commercial and financial services
Shortage of firewood
Denial of right of family planning
Inaccessible job market
Inaccessibility of insurance
Inaccessible agricultural schools
Inaccessible natural resources
Insufficient housing funds
Lack of vocational teachers
Shortage of land for cemeteries
Inaccessibility of decision-makers in multinational enterprises
Distant representatives
Obscure ownership records
Inaccessible child nurseries
Inaccessibility of family knowledge
Using grey literature
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values