human value


Other Names:
Conducting technology assessments
Increasing institutional capability of developing countries on biotechnology safety
Improving capability for environmentally sound use of biotechnology in developing countries
Increasing scientific capability in coastal zones
Mobilizing resources from the informal sector
Preparing detailed land capability inventories as basis for sustainable land management
Strengthening national capability to assess global climate change
Supporting biosystematic capability
Undertaking surveys on land capability for afforestation
Banning hazardous waste exports to countries lacking safe handling capability
Strengthening capability of developing countries in export promotion
Strengthening forestry education and training
Strengthening scientific and technological capacity
Improving management capability for medical care
Maximizing local agricultural storage
Establishing earthmoving capability
Improving farm management
Considering worker capability
Enlarging resource use capability
Providing essential power to use material resources
Cultivating new employable skills
Developing warfare capability
Developing manpower capability
Reducing military capability
Using military capability
Building technological capability
Reducing limitation of communication by illiteracy
Balancing strategic arms
Unbalancing strategic arms
Improving military capability
Improving capability
Tolerating uncertainty
Limiting ability to recognize ecological limits
Developing electronic networking capability
Assessing capability
Improving local capability for growing oilseed crops
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values