human value


Improving coordination among public, NGOs, indigenous people and local communities
Improving coordination among anti-desertification agencies
Improving coordination between health and related sectors
Improving coordination among international fishery agencies
Strengthening international coordination on marine management
Strengthening international coordination of marine environment programmes
Improving coordination of forest-related international agencies
Expanding coordination of coastal programmes
Establishing secretariat support structure in the United Nations to follow up UNCED and implement Agenda 21
Improving international coordination on mountain development
Improving coordination of scientific satellite missions
Improving national inter-agency coordination on monitoring forest resources
Strengthening international coordination of land resource management activities
Strengthening coordination
Strengthening United Nations coordination on poverty reduction programmes and pilot projects
Improving coordination of policy on hazardous waste
Strengthening role of UNEP in the follow-up to UNCED and in implementing Agenda 21
Improving coordination of international agencies on water management
Strengthening coordination and cooperation among research programmes on global change
Improving coordination of international programmes for youth
Improving coordination among international programmes for indigenous peoples
Improving coordination of waste management programmes in the United Nations system
Increasing international economic cooperation
Coordinating production systems
Linking essential social services
Establishing global monetary system
Restructuring decision-making and coordination processes
Patterning data coordination
Area coordination centre
International coordination of police forces
Systematizing occupational data coordination
Integrating planning of action against problems
Coordinating activities of international organizations
Providing sufficient coordination
Abstaining from coordination
Abstaining from coordination among aid donors
Abstaining from international economic coordination
Abstaining from coordination among social services
Abstaining from coordination of interest rates
Abstaining from coordination of the international monetary system
Providing leadership coordination
Providing leadership coordination
Promoting coordination of food standards activities
Creating economic coordination
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values