human value


Other Names:
Enforcing international law
Protesting compulsory immunization
Implementing code of conduct for law enforcement officials
Establishing up to date rules for peacekeeping
Monitoring enforcement measures of national environmental action plans
Outsourcing government regulatory responsibilities
Supporting country enforcement authority
Contracting visible law enforcement
Upholding common acceptance of conferred legal powers
Providing law enforcement structure
Informing about public apprehension of criminals
Creating antagonism through social enforcement
Enforcing civil safety measures
Demanding tightening of law enforcement during crises
Demanding protective legality
Enforcing regulations
Providing criminal law enforcement
Abolishing unethical practices by police forces
Using enforcement procedures
Simplifying law enforcement
Forcing religious conversion
Hindering law enforcement
Improving code enforcement
Providing local enforcement
Improving enforcement against game poaching
Improving system of child support enforcement
Improving enforcement of environmental regulations
Providing inadequate enforcement of regulations
Increasing effectiveness of regulations
Refusing medical intervention
Providing sufficient enforcement power
Abstaining from enforcement
Providing sufficient enforcement power of international organizations
Abstaining from enforcement power of international organizations
Tightening enforcement of regulated activities
Fostering reasonable law enforcement
Improving drug law enforcement
Law enforcement
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values