human value


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Related Problems:
Forest decline
Ethnic disintegration
Deteriorating community identity
Loss of faith in religion
Declining birth rate
Decline in deference
Erosion of social dialogue
Obstacles to efficient utilization of time
Decline in real wages
Minimum promotion of community assets
Minimum promotion of community assets
Family breakdown
Decline of architecture
Decline of philanthropy
Endangered unwritten languages
Threatened coral reef ecosystems
Unmeaningful relationships to place
Unsustainable exploitation of fish resources
Learning distractions
Decline of psychic healing
Dim business future
Soil degradation
Deterioration of development process
Unproductive workers
Deteriorating quality of life
Lack of quality
Decline of the extended family
Decline in civic participation
Inadequate level of national investment
Global economic stagnation
Inadequate prevention of crime
Obsolete industries
Decline in educational standards
Male mid-life crisis
Decline in government expenditure
Decline in religious broadcasting
Decline in human genetic endowment
Instability of the commodities trade
Decline in food production
Lack of international cooperation
Depressed industries
Attenuation of group relationships
Decline in foreign direct investment
Declining breeds of cultivated plants
Decline in public interest broadcasting
Decline of human relationship to nature
Decline in government social programmes
Decline in rural customs and traditions
Declining breeds of domesticated animals
Decline in government health expenditure
Decline in government social expenditure
Deterioration of international terms of trade
Hegemony of visual information
Degradation of cultivated land systems
Inadequacy of foreign aid
Excess production capacity
Declining agricultural land
Continuing expectation of community decline
Declining significance of electoral politics
Declining economic productivity
Decline of handicrafts and cottage industries
Decline in government expenditure on education
Declining international competitiveness
Restricted growth in export markets
Disengagement of citizens from community activities
Weakness in trade among developing countries
Declining community confidence in its ability to change
Fragmentation of the international trading system
Decline in capital investment in productive capacity
Protein deficiency in cereals
Decline in defence budget
Declining local businesses
Declining area of irrigated land
Declining agricultural work
Decline in human intelligence
Retreating snow lines
Decline of company towns
Instability of fishing industry
Decline in genetic diversity of seed stocks
Decline of the nation-state
Lack of integrated medicine
Disadvantageous terms for technology transfer
Decline in public sector savings
Value erosion
Declining volunteer services
Male sterility
Decline of street life
Decline in government expenditure on primary education
Poverty as a consequence of war
Devaluation of real estate
Declining community population
Deterioration of village amenities
Decline in commercial competition due to entrance barriers
Stagnating school enrolment
Decline in employer-provided pensions
Lack of family life education
Decline in nutritional quality of food
Decline in local community spirit
Declining private investment
Decline in import capacity
Declining investment
Decline in export credits
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values