human value


Other Names:
Related Problems:
Maladjusted children
Restricting travel image
Law enforcement complexity
Inadequate water supply in rural communities
Decline in government expenditure
Depressed industries
Ineffective means for goods supply and distribution
Bad loans
Arbitrary enforcement of regulations
Pregnancy disorders
Communication breakdown
Patent abuse
Inadequate application of available knowledge to solve problems
Difficulty finding marriage partner
Insufficient means for community initiative
Burden of servicing foreign public debt
Avoidance of decision-making
Counter-productive agricultural price supports
Confusion of symptoms in animal diseases
Inadequate control of animal diseases
Disastrous insect invasions
Adjustment difficulties of new urban families
Inadequate evidence to convict known offenders
Difficulty of implementing development programmes
Diseases of wild animals
Difficulty in identifying carriers of animal diseases
Practical teamwork difficulty
Difficulties in administrative organization in new states
Difficult land acquisition
Limited market transportation
Difficult road construction
Sleeping difficulties due to torture
Learning disorders
Difficult access to plantations
Land rehabilitation difficulty
Difficult piling removal
Difficult island cultivation
Difficulty of youth transition from school to work
Difficulty in identifying sadists
Difficult grant management
Complications of childbirth
Alienating environments
Inhibited field work
Disorders of micturition
Equipment transport difficulty
Difficult distribution decisions
Inadequate adaptation of policy to educational difficulties
Perceptual category memory deficits
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values