human value


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Related Problems:
Parental domination
Cultural imperialism
Political domination
Unbridled individualism
Dominating outmoded images
Human domination of nature
Social subjugation of women
Inherent patriarchal distortion of planning
Dominance of economic motives
Class conflict
Male domination
Foreign control
Technological monoculture
Politicization of scholarship
Monopoly of the economy by corporations
Military and economic hegemony
Cultural domination through language
US dollar dominance of world economy
National hegemony over United Nations agencies
Politicization of education
Domination of individuals by institutions
Parental domination of children's thinking
Undue military influence
Human exceptionalism
Domination of the world by sovereign states
Reinforcement of male dominance through language
Organizational empire-building
Abuse of dominant market position in international trade
Animal and plant eugenics
Domination of government policy-making by short-term considerations
Domination of countries by transnational corporations
Domination of agricultural equipment industry by transnational corporations
Domination by transnational corporations of the domestic name-brand food sector
Threatened tree-dominated savanna habitats
Threatened forb-dominated habitats
Government dominated jobs
Economic powerlessness
Threatened tree-dominated freshwater wetland habitats
Domination of restrictive project loans by transnational banks
Social symbols dominated by the economy
Domination of transnational corporations in the coffee industry
Domination of the copper industry by transnational corporations
Domination of advertising by transnational corporations
Threatened herbaceous-dominated habitats
Economic domination of women
Threatened bush-dominated savanna habitats
Domination of the shipping industry by transnational corporations
Monopoly of the media
Domination of the automobile industry by transnational corporations
Threatened shrub-dominated freshwater wetland habitats
Domination of economic integration by transnational corporations
Abusive culling of dominant herd animals
Repressive new world order
Institutional economic domination
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values