human value


Caring for the blind
Restricting social benefit entitlements
Promoting welfare of persons belonging to minorities
Caring for children
Developing alternatives to traditional welfare
Reducing social benefits
Training workers on environmental safety, health and welfare
Minimizing social welfare benefits fraud
Moving long-term welfare recipients into jobs
Sponsoring a grandparent
Sponsoring a child
Improving welfare services
Measuring sustainability
Establishing quality of life indicators
Repatriating refugees
Providing social security services
Supporting common welfare
Creating social tension through involvement in corporate welfare
Re-evaluating corporate welfare
Releasing common creativity for corporate welfare
Maintaining common style for corporate welfare
Stagnating in social security
Promoting corporate welfare
Demonstrating world welfare needs
Protesting about welfare system
Protesting about welfare system
Supporting right to benefit from social welfare services
Combating fraud against governments
Abusing social welfare system
Providing welfare services for the deaf
Improving welfare state
Depending on welfare
Denying right to adequate welfare services
Denying right to welfare services for the deaf
Denying the right to welfare services for the blind
Using social welfare
Dismantling the welfare state
Aiding social welfare claims
Providing social welfare
Improving animal welfare
Providing sufficient child welfare institutions
Abstaining from child welfare institutions
Abstaining from concern for animal welfare
Strengthening child welfare systems
Improving health welfare
Raising issues of animal welfare
Protecting common welfare
Improving rural welfare
Ensuring staff welfare
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values