human value


Improving nutritional value of staple foods
Relating to nature
Developing value codes for business
Capturing environmental value
Applying value analysis
Including full value of forests in market prices for forest products
Researching value systems
Strengthening national programmes for assessing value of forests
Promoting role of books
Reaching critical mass
Developing methodologies for comprehensive assessments of the value of forests
Propagating commercial plants
Recognizing intrinsic value
Promoting best value in local authorities
Forming consciences regarding value of human life
Integrating value of women's unpaid work in resource accounting systems
Promoting awareness of hygienic, ethical, aesthetic value of cremation
Maximizing produce sales value
Communicating value systems
Observing value media
Enhancing local product value
Reinforcing property values
Discovering new possibilities for use of natural resources
Negotiating resource value
Researching priorities
Questioning conscience on value of social roles
Presenting factual information of social value
Requiring that expertise meet needs
Recreating value systems
Recognizing value of training
Reducing number of value systems
Deepening biological value descriptions
Reducing uncertainties in animal experimentation
Criticizing value of research
Extracting value from consultancies
Maintaining ethical value screens
Reappraising value of money in capitalism
Value erosion
Increasing in value
Stabilizing monetary value
Taking advantage of fluctuations in real value of money
Taking advantage of fluctuations in real value of money
Decreasing economic value of labour
Providing sufficient correspondence between basic value images and social reality
Preserving worth
Affirming value of euphenics
Value redistribution
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values