human value


Other Names:
Related Problems:
Eye diseases and disorders
Diseases and injuries of the brain
Land degradation
Damage to goods
Property damage
Crop vulnerability
Heart disorders
Anti-community attitudes
Vulnerability of marine ecosystems
Uncompensated damages
Unhealthy diet
Destructive wildlife
Fungicide damage to crops
Pesticide damage to crops
Herbicide damage to crops
Forest damage by wildlife
Ill-defined health conditions
Insecticide damage to crops
Radiation damage to materials
Organic wastes
Degradation of flora and fauna habitats
Harmful biological effects of ionizing radiation
Environmental hazards from logging
Environmental hazards from transport systems
Insect damage to stored and manufactured goods
Diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
Export cartels
Vulnerability of marine environment to catastrophic warfare damage
Inadequate insurance against damages arising from a natural disaster
Foetal infection
Wind damage to structures
Excessive award of punitive damages
Liver diseases
Environmental damage from air transport
Urban bird pests
Diseases of the respiratory system
Housing destruction by warfare
Ice damage to trees
Environmental damage by climbers
Children of drug addicts
Prohibitive cost of coastal protection against sea damage
Uncontrolled waterfront damage
Vibration damage to cultural artefacts
Damage to infant brains from malnutrition
Degradation of countries by tourism
Environmental hazards from hydropower
Environmental hazards from hydropower
Uninsulated buildings
Economic loss
Fumigant damage to crops
Tidal water damage
Trespass by hunters
Unchecked crab damage to crops
Damage to cultural artefacts by environmental pollution
Demyelinating diseases of the nervous system
Retrospective pollution liability
Lung-damaging agents
Lake shoreline damage
Damaging military recreation
Vulnerability of children during armed conflict
Acoustic trauma
Damage caused by space objects
Breached levees
Forest decline
Declining agricultural land
Destruction of agricultural land
Fungi as pests
Protesting environmental issues
Monitoring marine pollution
Applying punitive damages
Rehabilitating damaged ecosystems
Preserving natural ecosystems
Remediating ecological damage caused by industrial activity
Restoring damaged wetlands to productive condition
Costing environmental damage
Establishing procedures for legal redress for environmental harm
Compensating for pollution damage caused by substances other than oil
Adopting sustainable infrastructure policies
Assessing status of ecosystems
Reducing radiation effects
Reducing subsidies that undermine sustainable development
Restoring environmental damage
Developing ozone-kind products
Reducing post-harvest damage
Providing impact information for transboundary air pollution
Removing perverse environmental subsidies
Rehabilitating degraded land
Protecting global environment
Reducing risk of damage to stock
Risking damage to premises
Reducing risk of damage to premises
Prosecuting slander
Healing relationships
Relieving human distress arising from ecological stress
Reducing physical threats against shrines
Protecting against animal damage
Protecting ocean resources from catastrophic warfare damage
Strengthening cardiac weakness
Diagnosing ailments
Damaging property
Treating brain damage
Treating damaging moulds
Guarding against property damage
Restoring community damage
Protecting marine ecosystems
Compensating for damages
Avoiding damaging food and drink
Avoiding crop damage
Damaging forests
Damaging agricultural land
Damaging ecosystems
Avoiding insect damage
Repairing damage to small blood vessels
Damaging national interests
Insuring against property damage
Researching damaging food and drink
Insuring against crop damage
Treating kidney damage
Insuring against natural disasters
Correcting eye disorders
Reducing delay in payment of compensation for damages
Delaying payment of compensation for damages
Avoiding damage to national interests due to export cartels
Insuring against weather damage
Providing inadequate insurance against damages arising from a natural disaster
Avoiding damage to ears
Providing sufficient crop protection
Abstaining from claiming compensation for damages
Rehabilitating damaged horses
Restocking damaged habitats
Suffering damage
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values