human value


Related Problems:
Overgrowth of the service industries sector
Unsatisfactory retail banking
Inadequate public transportation
Health risks to workers in service industries
Compulsory military service
Social service inconsistencies
Draft evasion
Protectionism against imports of service-related goods
Fragmentation of health service
Distrust of professional service delivery
Misconduct of medical executives
Misused ambulance service
Inappropriate use of the mail service
Politicization of public service
Inadequate regulation of restrictive business practices in service industries
Official disregard for people as human beings
Unethical practices in the service sector
Unsurveyed consumer needs
Discrimination against domestic servants
Inadequate conditions of work and employment of public service personnel
Undervaluation of community service
Uncontrolled installation of water plumbing
Military desertion
Denial of right to hold public office
Debt slavery
Extra-legal conscription
Decreasing consumer choice
Sectoral maldistribution of professional skills
Inadequate taxi service
Inappropriate use of telecommunications services
Irregular hospital transportation
Inadequate utilization of volunteer social service workers
Neglect of cultural diversity by social service agencies
Discrimination against foreign nationals in the military service
Crimes related to military service obligations
Vulnerability of telephone systems
Conflicting social service ideologies
Prolonged repair services
Denial of right of conscientious objection to military service
Inadequate air transport service
Unfair trade practices in the service sector
Maintaining library
Providing information service to members
Compiling renewable energy information
Establishing standby humanitarian food service
Providing services
Encouraging commercial banks to participate in debt and debt-service reductions
Establishing small consultancy practices
Training public service officials
Establishing standby humanitarian police service
Taking long-service leave
Providing information service on parliaments
Expanding waste collection and disposal services
Improving public sector working conditions
Training married couples in responsible procreation
Providing information service on work
Creating information source for telecommunications
Analysing cost and benefits of labour-based approaches
Creating customer dependency
Regulating Internet service providers
Expanding use of information technology for law
Providing telecommunications service
Reviewing information on national parks
Informing on regional legislation
Enabling service satisfaction
Improving institutional capacity on waste management planning and service delivery
Improving communication within companies
Offering gifts of service
Ensuring full cost recovery from waste generators
International postal service
Opening sufficient service stores
Guiding vocations for international service
Organizing international service association
Regularizing transport service
Promoting ideal of service
Organizing essential volunteer groups
Utilizing practical service skill
Volunteering for military service
Assuring effective service continuity
Coordinating vehicle service outlets
Providing rapid emergency response
Expanding urban communication service
Providing regular repair service
Providing community services
Accounting for obligations accruing from social status
Ensuring rapid local service
Beginning realistic service routes
Assuring reliable repair service
Supporting service leagues
Augmenting daily bus service
Extending water tap service
Enabling arbitration of service supply contracts
Developing public service system
Combining small service outlets
Opening community service opportunities
Enabling wide service opportunities
Providing regular postal service
Maintaining continuous repair service
Equipping social service volunteers
Extending dependable power service
Developing broad distribution service
Improving community service performance
Assuming water service responsibility
Advertising basic service requirements
Ensuring regular vehicle service
Determining service extension needs
Establishing student employment service
Developing symbolic service force
Procuring regular veterinary service
Constructing local service centres
Providing telephone/mail service
Encouraging service awareness
Orchestrating social service activities
Introducing savings loan service
Providing daily mail service
Promoting multi-service retail centre
Providing complete home service
Providing mail order service
Ensuring service facility access
Creating voluntary service corps
Organizing community task forces
Utilizing volunteer task forces
Focusing needed service groups
Strengthening volunteer service force
Extending essential service programs
Constructing utility service shelters
Constructing essential service facilities
Forming corporate service enterprises
Launching small service industries
Broadening consumer service businesses
Establishing manufacturing capabilities
Demanding service of needs
Organizing service exchanges
Transferring service competences
Expanding knowledge of available services
Generating volunteer service roles
Involving service clubs
Developing publication service
Initiating economic service
Creating physical infrastructure
Developing attitudes of service in work
Demonstrating community service
Neglecting public service
Reporting negligent public service employees
Setting scale of charges for services
Providing extension offices
Studying causes of poor service delivery in urban environments
Valuing community service
Undervaluing community service
Abolishing unethical use of telephone service
Abolishing unethical practices in the service sector
Abolishing unethical practices of public service employees
Providing fair trade practices in the service sector
Fulfilling service expectations
Uncovering service benefits
Regulating passenger service
Requiring social service bureaucracy
Monitoring violation of freedom from bond service
Ensuring freedom from bond service
Avoiding military service
Blocking service to society
Requiring compulsory military service
Corrupting prison service
Making use of the public service
Researching crimes related to military service obligations
Denying right of conscientious objection to military service
Reducing discriminatory subsidies in the service sector
Trusting professional service delivery
Prohibiting dumping in the service sector
Monitoring dumping in the service sector
Providing consumer services
Improving air transport service
Improving public utilities in urban areas
Improving regulation of restrictive business practices in service industries
Increasing effectiveness of civil service
Providing civil service
Providing home doctor service
Providing emergency accident service
Providing sufficient bus service
Doing without adequate bus service
Providing sufficient service selection
Doing without adequate service selection
Reporting malpractice by service companies
Providing advisory service
Improving food service
Promoting alternative civilian service
Influencing international service trade negotiations
Studying teaching service
Disseminating international health data
Promoting alternative civil service
Developing international civil service
Communalizing service
Evaluating family planning
Collecting international health service data
Developing oral health service
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values