human value


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Related Problems:
Unethical media practices
Exploitation of patient obsession
Tax evasion
Evasion of customs and excise duties
Contract fraud
Abusive sales techniques
Unethical practices in religion
Religious fraud
Unethical insurance practices
Electoral fraud
Grant fraud
Economic crime
Scientific misconduct
Irresponsible experts
Investment fraud
Unethical practices in diplomacy
Insider dealing
Unethical industrial practices
Commercial fraud
Documentary fraud
Unethical real estate practice
Unethical trade union practices
Unethical practices in agriculture
Securities and commodities exchange violations
Unethical practices of employers
Unethical professional practices
Unethical intellectual practices
Unethical consumption practices
Unethical use of social welfare benefits
Fraudulent commodities
Suppression of safety records
Unethical practices in transportation
Unethical practices by property tenants
Exploitation of the elderly
Commodities trading fraud
Unethical practices of priesthood
Unethical practices concerning movement of people
Unethical practices in the public sector
Light sentencing of defrauders
Unethical pharmaceutical practices
Unethical maintenance practices
Intergovernmental organization mismanagement
Inadequate government supervision of contracts
Unethical practices in politics
Mail fraud
Ghost employees
Fraudulent mineral exploitation claims
Misconduct of medical executives
Abuse of health welfare benefits
Fraud concerning economic situation and corporate capital of companies
Unethical practices of accountants
Misrepresentation of information to consumers
Telephone fraud
Misleading advertising
Fraudulent impersonation
Fraudulent labelling
Unethical banking practices
Defrauding workers of wages
Bank fraud
Defrauding of secured creditors
Cheque fraud
Illegal repackaging of food
Credit card fraud
Fraudulent nature of inherited titles
Maritime fraud
Unnecessary health system referrals
Fraudulent loans
Fraudulent certificates of origin of goods
Internet fraud
Deception in the media
Fraudulent acquisition or use of passports
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values