human value


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Related Problems:
Moral offences
Sexual offences
Offensive humour
Offensive lyrics
Offensive weapons
Military offences
Suggestive movements
Beating of prisoners
Ideological offences
Offensive advertising
Use of offensive symbols
Aerial piracy
Crimes against national security
Sexual offences by juveniles
Vice and sex traffic offences
Offences against public order
Official protection for offenders
Offences of general applicability
Legal inconsistency
Moral offences in heterosexual pairing
Offences involving danger to the person
Offences against human security
Criminal offences against the environment
Neglect of victims of crime
Excessive leniency in sentencing of offenders
Inadequate evidence to convict known offenders
Hindrance of law enforcement
Lack of facilities for disturbed children
Government failure to prosecute offenders
Unwillingness of witnesses to testify against offenders
Offensive microwave weapons
Execution of military offenders
Preponderance of male criminal offenders
Offensive discretionary fragrances
Discrimination against prisoners' families
Discrimination against juveniles in judicial proceedings due to protective legislation
Inadequate rehabilitation of offenders
Execution of young offenders
Premature release of offenders
Discrimination against men before the law
Excessive cost of effective prosecution of offenders
Predominance of certain ethnic groups in drug-related crime
Gender-biased language
Sexual abuse by women
Road traffic violations
Discriminatory religious language
Harbouring national security offenders
Fugitive offenders
Discriminatory treatment of women offenders
Inadequate segregation of different categories of offenders
Arbitrary extension of prison sentences
Incarcerating young offenders
Protecting the environment through criminal prosecution
Prosecuting offences
Developing victim offender reconciliation programmes
Detaining prisoners for criminal offences
Exiling radical offenders
Authorizing arbitration of minor crime by police
Requiring restitution for criminal offences
Deterring through threat of public exposure
Applying legal fines for criminal offences
Demanding re-socialization of criminals
Creating remedial programmes for social offenders
Imposing social exclusion on offenders
Flogging offenders
Prosecuting military offences
Punishing ideological offences
Prosecuting offences aboard aircraft
Prosecuting offences against government
Prosecuting vice and sex traffic offences
Prosecuting offences against public order
Reducing offences involving danger to the person
Prosecuting offences against the administration of justice
Defining offence
Defining moral offences
Defining sexual offences
Defining offensive humour
Defining offensive lyrics
Defining offensive weapons
Defining military offences
Defining offensive gestures
Defining ideological offences
Regulating advertising
Defining offensive symbols
Defining offences aboard aircraft
Defining sexual offences of the young
Defining vice and sex traffic offences
Defining offences involving danger to the person
Defining offences against the security of humanity
Defining moral offences in heterosexual pairing
Defining offences against the administration of justice
Defining criminal offences against the environment
Discriminating in favour of offenders
Punishing offenders
Offering official protection for offenders
Prosecuting moral offences
Prosecuting sexual offences
Reducing prison sentences
Respecting unwillingness of witnesses to testify against offenders
Ensuring witnesses testify against offenders
Reducing vice and sex traffic offences
Providing residential care for juvenile criminal offenders
Decreasing residential care for juvenile criminal offenders
Tightening state responsibility for youth offenders
Reducing legal discrimination in favour of offenders
Sentencing offenders
Prosecuting offenders
Improving evidence to convict known offenders
Providing lenient sentencing of offenders
Providing tough sentencing of offenders
Researching sexual abuse by women
Treating juvenile offenders
Providing volunteer assistance for prisoners
Condemning offences
Treating offenders
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values