human value


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Related Problems:
Land degradation
Soil degradation
Decline in human genetic endowment
Environmental degradation
Water pollution
Degradation of the atmosphere
Human-caused climate change
Degradation of natural seascape
Destruction of civilian populations and institutions
Natural environment degradation
Degradation of fragile ecosystems
Regional environmental degradation
Endangered cultures
Degradation of countries by tourism
Degraded condition of urban landscape
Unethical practice of health professionals
Environmental degradation of suburbia
Unsustainable agricultural development
Psychological environment degradation
Degradation of cultivated land systems
Planned degradation in product quality
Socio-cultural environment degradation
Degradation of flora and fauna habitats
Environmental degradation by road traffic
Environmental degradation of desert oases
Tropical deforestation
Environmental degradation of inner city areas
Destruction of wilderness
Landscape disfigurement from open-cast mining
Landscape disfigurement
Environmental degradation from high-speed roads
Unsustainable development of fresh waters
Environmental consequences of war
Environmental pollution
Environmental degradation due to creation of dams
Social environmental degradation from recreation and tourism
Natural environmental degradation from recreation and tourism
Environmental impacts of power stations
Environmental stress of natural systems
Derelict industrial wastelands
Degradation of the environment through the destruction of species
Degradation of material resources
Dehumanization of health care
Degradation of mountain environment by leisure activities
Deterioration in atmospheric visibility
Unaccountability of institutions degrading the environment
Inappropriate tree plantations
Degradation of agricultural land by cash crops
Environmental degradation from use of unsurfaced country roads and tracks
Denial of right to freedom from cruel, inhumane or degrading punishment
Environmental degradation by pipelines
Environmental degradation by off-road and all-terrain vehicles
Decomposing organic materials
Living sustainable lifestyles
Managing degraded river basins
Managing tourism for both recreation and conservation
Managing tourism for both recreation and conservation
Rehabilitating land degraded by water-logging
Rehabilitating degraded forested areas
Supporting research on land degradation
Restoring environmental damage
Improving land use practices to prevent land degradation and erosion
Improving inter-agency regional cooperation to halt environmental degradation
Rehabilitating degraded aquatic environments
Revegetating drylands
Strengthening interdisciplinary research on environmental degradation and rehabilitation
Using polycultural, multistoried agroforestry in highlands
Assessing impact of environmental degradation on women
Averting impact of environmental degradation on women and children
Opposing environmentally destructive forces
Rehabilitating degraded land
Increasing accountability of institutions degrading the environment
Damaging ecosystems
Damaging ecosystems
Degrading agricultural resources
Degrading soil
Degrading the environment
Degrading socio-cultural environment
Degrading water
Degrading the atmosphere
Degrading climate
Degrading natural seascape
Degrading landscapes
Degrading cultures
Degrading cities
Degrading medical professions
Protecting from racial degradation
Preventing environmental degradation from opencast mining
Reducing environmental degradation by automobiles
Denying right to freedom from cruel, inhumane or degrading punishment
Destroying land resources
Humanizing punishment
Disseminating information on global soil degradation
Combatting degradation of the atmosphere
Studying global soil degradation
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values