human value


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Related Problems:
Inadequate laws
Prohibitive marriage dowry
Insufficient nobility
Incomplete utilization of external relations
Insufficient personnel
Lack of knowledge
Insufficient composting
Inadequate agricultural capital
Insufficient role models
Restricted scope of local employment
Inadequate social and demographic statistics
Inadequate farm crop diversity
Insufficient pest control
Geographically undefined community limits
Lack of job satisfaction
Limited purchasing power
Insufficient personal time
Insufficient rural housing
Lack of transport vehicles
Insufficient cultural media
Obsolete methods
Inadequate water system infrastructure
Food insecurity
Food insecurity
Insufficient loan collateral
Limited leisure time
Insufficient cultural heroes
Inadequate human resources development
Instability in export earnings
Marginal level of family income
Inadequate domestic savings
Insufficient diversification
Resistance to internationally agreed standards
Insufficient farm experiments
Underutilization of resources
Inadequate agroforestry
Insufficient special training
Dependency on unpredictable sources of income
Inadequate energy supply infrastructure
Shortage of trained teachers
Lack of specialized technology
Insufficient programme funding
Haphazard provision of consumer services
Unequal employment opportunities for women
Inadequate health services
Insufficient primary education
Deficient business leadership
Infrequent achievement of honours
Insufficient television systems
Ineffective operation of community networks
Shortage of fresh-water
Inadequate economic incentives
Minimum promotion of community assets
Insufficient flow of information
Inadequate laws of the sea
Deteriorating rural community cooperation
Lack of local commercial services
Inadequate education facilities
Protein-energy malnutrition
Shortage of entrepreneurial ability
Insufficient financial resources
Infrequent travel opportunities
Unprepared leadership
Insufficient educational material
Insufficient commercial facilities
Underdeveloped community leadership
Unorganized community recreation
Absence of images of social responsibility
Uncompensated damages
Inadequate transport infrastructure
Long-term shortage of commodities
Insufficient educational incentives
Insufficient recycling of materials
Unsignificant community celebration
Limited farm mechanization
Inadequate drought control
Generation communication gap
Insufficient minority culture support
Limited availability of learning opportunities
Incomplete implementation of community decisions
Limited exposure to outside influences in rural villages
Inadequate vocational training
Insufficient use of natural resources
Insufficient birth spacing in families
Insufficient national creditworthiness
Insufficient care of community property
Inadequate and insufficient immunization
Shortage of funds for research
Loss of cultural heritage
Insufficient means for community initiative
Maldistribution of telecommunications facilities within countries
Lack of eugenic measures
Insufficient utilization of renewable biofuels
Noise in the working environment
Insufficient consumption of vegetables and fruit
Inadequate public services for communication
Inadequate income of rural communities
Insufficient technical aids for disabled persons
Insufficient translation into minority languages
Insufficient separation among urban subcultures
Inadequate environmental impact assessment
Lack of full cost accounting of consumer products
Insufficient social security in the agricultural sector
Insufficient access to technology for agricultural upgrading
Inadequate medical facilities
Inaccessible decision makers
Limited availability of technical expertise in remote communities
Inadequate dietary fibre
Deficient Qi in the body
Lack of physical education
Insufficient recycling of glass
Insufficient scheduled cleanups
Insufficient leisure time for women
Limited gardening experience
Insufficient retirement funds
Ineffective community organizations
Insufficient technological know-how
Insufficient access to family planning
Insufficient agency cooperation
Insufficient local bookkeepers
Inadequate groundwater recharge
Inadequate driver training
Insufficient nuclear weapon free zones
Insufficient storage space in homes
Insufficient councilman support
Insufficient financial referral
Insufficient information on plants
Insufficient images of political involvement
Insufficient renovation incentives
Insufficient women's groups
Insufficient energy equipment
Inadequate illegal drug seizures
Insufficient possibilities for gathering of elders
Insufficient cash crops
Insufficient common land in urban environments
Inadequate technical assistance
Insufficient economic pressure
Insufficient local contributors
Insufficient young families
Inadequate small-town business skills
Inadequate supply of skilled plumbers
Lack of practical examples
Insufficient women co-operatives
Cardiac insufficiency
Valvular diseases of heart
Insufficient small businesses
Inadequate mental illness services
Unavailable road machinery
Insufficient factory facilities
Insufficient supervisory personnel
Insufficient operating capital
Insufficient diversification in energy research
Insufficient apprenticeship opportunities
Underdevelopment of forestry industry
Insufficient enabling structures
Risky rental agreements
Insufficient capitalization means
Damage to infant brains from malnutrition
Insufficient funding of the arts
Insufficient common experience
Shortage of military manpower
Insufficient social programmes
Insufficient water for livestock
Insufficient cultural nodes
Inequality of employment opportunity
Inadequate transportation facilities for rural communities
Inadequate food storage facilities
Limited meeting facilities
Insufficient property base
Insecurity of part-time employment
Insufficient garbage containers
Insufficient local organizers
Insufficient pocket money
Insufficient skilled electricians
Insufficient preventive medicine
Insufficient utility revenue
Insufficient maritime rescue services
Lack of influential backers
Disincentives to complaining
Uneconomic snow removal
Inadequate sports equipment
Insufficient street lighting
Lack of trained firefighters
Iodine deficiency disorders
Insufficient housing funds
Lack of vocational teachers
Concentration of national governments activity on national affairs
Insufficient trained planners
Insufficient health payments
Insufficient voluntary repatriation of refugees
Addison's disease
Insufficient community holidays
Insufficient library equipment
Insufficient environmental legislation
Insufficient pastureland
Insufficient family services
Insufficient public land upkeep
Insufficient transportation for old people
Prolonged repair services
Insufficient neighbourhood signs
Lack of specialized transportation
Insufficient stock horses
Limited funding expertise
Insufficient doctors
Insufficient health personnel
Insufficient medical supplies
Inadequate mental health insurance
Insufficient financial resources for urban services
Insufficient tourist attraction
Calcium deficiency
Insufficient programme knowledge
Inadequate packaging of food products
Inadequate working conditions of teachers
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values