human value


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Related Problems:
Refusal to sell
Electoral apathy
Impediments to extradition
Refusal of adoption
Refusal to admit error
Refusal to participate
Refusal to grant amnesty
Refusal to grant licences
Refusal of licence renewal
Monopolization of knowledge
Monopolization of knowledge
Refusal of family possibilities
Reluctance of leaders to relinquish power
Refusal to grant licences to media
Refusal of families to participate
Consumer boycott of foreign goods
Religious or civil refusal of divorce
Segregation in housing
Failure of government to apologize for errors
Foreign exchange restrictions
Suppression of information by security classification
Non-verificability of compliance with nuclear power safeguards
Irrational conscientious refusal of medical intervention
Government refusal to accept the jurisdiction of international courts of justice
Expectancy by rural administrations of official refusal
Refusal to grant citizenship
Refusal of work permits
Refusal to provide psychotherapy
Refusal of judges to resign
Refusal to accept treatment for mental illness
Denial of health insurance to genetic groups
Failure to assist people in danger
Refusal of entry to foreign workers' families
Refusal to issue travel documents, passports, visas
Racial discrimination in according financial loans
Refusal of blood transfusion
Embargo on medicines
Refusal to testify
Refusal to accept responsibility for others
Refusal to licence theatre performances
Discrimination against women in banking
Refusal of sale because of buyer's race
Refusal to provide medical treatment
Refusal of entry to visitors from foreign countries
Refusal to market new drugs
Refusal to ratify international conventions
Refusal of drug treatment
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values