human value


Other Names:
Related Problems:
Paternal negligence
Absence of God
Desacralization of life
Lack of skilled workers
Inadequate community policing
Absentee ownership
Inadequate building standards
Absence of social prowess
Inhibited capacity to visualize a creative future
Low self esteem
Absence of rites of passage
Absence of tactical methods
Prejudice against communication by visual imagery
Inadequate maintenance
Physically inaccessible services
Excessive population mobility
Desecration of holy days
Deficient communal mandate
Policy vacuum
Unimplemented decisions
Non-recognition of foreign governments
Disengagement of citizens from community activities
Social unaccountability
Military desertion
Inadequate global policy-making
Ineffective legal system
Unrelated pioneer institutions
Conflicting international priorities
Undemocratic political organization
Absence of images of social responsibility
Lack of skilled manpower in rural areas
Lack of international policy on specific issues
Absence of long-term economic planning agencies
Absence of national nongovernmental organizations
Decline in rural customs and traditions
Imperfect synthesis of concepts of sustainable development
Absence of accountability in construction planning
Deluding familial image of social responsibility
Ideological confusion
Absence of a long-range, world-wide capital flow plan
Underdeveloped sources of income expansion
Dumping radioactive substances
Unproven relationships among problems
Absence of convincing symbols connecting the individual's life to the cosmos
Absence of policies to associate international nongovernmental organizations in regional development
Leave of absence
Loss of soil fungi
Absentee owned natural resources
Congenital anomalies of alimentary tract
Congenital anomalies of muscle, tendon and fascia
Absence of direct sunlight
Congenital anomalies of spine
Congenital anomalies of liver
Lack of practical examples
Congenital anomalies of spleen
Failure of methods to appropriate data
Congenital anomalies of male genital organs
Congenital limb reduction defects
Absence of facilities for satisfaction
Bile-duct obstruction
Congenital lower limb anomalies
Absentee road ownership
Absence of traditional patterns of community life
Absence of agreed minimum wage
Congenital anomalies of urinary tract
Congenital anomalies of cranium and face bones
Anomalies of the gall-bladder
Anomalies of the gall-bladder
Congenital anomalies of the ovary, fallopian tube and uterus
Lack of footware
Congenital abnormalities of the vagina
Iodine deficiency disorders
Congenital anomalies of ribcage
Absence of limb
Infrequent honour singing
Deficient local structures for the unemployed
Absence of organization training
Absence of coordinated customs services
Abandoned children
Employment conditions
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values