human value


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Related Problems:
Class conflict
Racial exploitation
Sexual exploitation
Exploitation of women
Economic exploitation
Exploitation of trust
Political exploitation
Exploitation in housing
Exploitative commercial television
Juvenile prostitution
Exploitation of children
Exploitative agribusiness
Exploitative entertainment
Sexual exploitation of men
Exploitation in employment
Exploitation of the elderly
Abuse of native peoples
Exploitation of fossil fuels
Underpayment for work
Sexual exploitation of women
Social environmental degradation from recreation and tourism
Exploitation of child labour
Unethical personnel practices
Exploitative personal services
Exploitation of the unemployed
Exploitation of casual workers
Vulnerability of women refugees
Unsustainable development of forest lands
Lack of protection for the vulnerable
Organized sexual abuse of children
Exploitative property development
Exploitation of patient obsession
Exploitation in capitalist systems
Commercial exploitation of education
Exploitation of animals for amusement
Trafficking in children
Exploitation of dependence on food aid
Inadequate marketing knowledge
Politicization of international sports events
Commercial exploitation of wild animals
Trafficking in women
Exploitation of the mentally handicapped
Politically exploitative humanitarian aid
Abusive exploitation of cultural heritage
Token humanitarian intervention
Exploitation of misery by media celebrities
Unsustainable exploitation of fish resources
Unfair air transport practices
Unconstrained exploitation of natural resources
Overexploitation of underground water resources
Trafficking in children for medical exploitation
Unsustainable harvesting rates
Trafficking in children for economic exploitation
Exploitation of indigenous populations in employment
Regional environmental degradation
Exploitation of confusion between public and government interest
Government financing tied to exploitation of non-renewable resources
Excessive commercial exploitation of farm animals by industrial concerns
Exploitation in rural pricing
Trafficking in children for sexual exploitation
Exploitation of the prostitution of others
Exploitation of cross-border differentials
Violation of dignity of human work
Fraudulent mineral exploitation claims
Exploitative films
Commercially exploitative food labelling
Manipulative cults
Military use of animals
Exploitation of land for the burial of the dead
Discrimination against domestic servants
Exploitation sustains ignorance
Misrepresentation of information to consumers
Inadequate working conditions for seafarers
Exploitation of animals in spectator sports
Exploitation of regulatory loopholes in countries with underdeveloped legislation
Inequitable allocation of rights to exploit sea-bed and marine resources
Exploitative use of consultants
Excessive exploitation of raw material reserves by transnational enterprises
Exploitative financial policies of transnational corporations
Exploitation of deregulation by entrenched enterprises
Commercially sponsored health education
Environmental hazards from mineral exploitation of seabed resources
Water deprivation of downstream locations
Repudiation of complementary medicine
Insufficient pastureland
Economic exploitation of biodiversity
Abuse of traditional cultural expressions of peoples
Biased portrayal of women in mass media
Opportunistic exploitation of issues
Resource utilization
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values