human value


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Related Problems:
Social exclusion
Restrictive social groups
Exclusion from holy rites
Exclusive religious claims
Exclusion of opposing views
Exclusive promotion of excellence
Anti-trust corporate behaviour
Anti-trust corporate behaviour
Exclusive patterns of communication
Distorted exclusiveness of social groups
Failure to take account of externalities of systems
Exclusive nationally-oriented language systems
Undemocratic policy-making
Exclusion of dissenters from decision making processes
Limitations of allopathy
Exclusion of disabled persons from social and cultural life
Extremist voluntary movements
Exclusion of the masses from setting criteria in judicial judgements
Lack of women in the advertising industry
Elimination of opposition groups or individuals
Exclusive proprietary systems
Exclusion of pre-adults from family decisions
Exclusive sales and representation agreements in transfer of technology
Manipulative cults
Market indicators' exclusion of human requirements
Foreign exchange monopoly
Unfair restrictions on membership in international organizations
Exclusive dealing arrangements
Misappropriation of terms
Exclusion of inconvenient policy factors
Exclusive services
Marginalized young people
Discriminatory religious language
Denial of right to choose moral and religious education
Exclusion of students from schools
Discrimination against men in sports
Banned religious sects
Accumulation of property
Exclusive emphasis on observables
Restrictive cross-licensing agreements
Discrimination against women in sports
Super-power chauvinism
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values