human value


Other Names:
Researching public debt and debt management
Considering medium-term debt reduction of debtor countries
Swapping debts
Using debt-for-nature swaps
Strengthening policies on debt management
Giving generous debt relief terms to poorest and most indebted countries
Reducing commercial bank debt of heavily indebted countries
Encouraging commercial banks to participate in debt and debt-service reductions
Encouraging substantial bilateral debt reduction by creditor countries
Ensuring debt reduction packages support the evolving international debt strategy
Rescheduling external debt
Reviewing measures to address debt problems of low and middle income countries
Tackling global debt issue
Supporting growth oriented solutions to debt servicing problems
Swapping debt for development aid
Exploring new forms of debt relief including greater use of debt swaps
Converting foreign debt into local currencies
Managing foreign borrowing
Endorsing permanent foreign debt settlement
Supporting debt-for-education swaps
Defaulting on debt
Resuming lending to indebted countries
Providing assistance in rescheduling debt
Addressing continuing debt problems of poorest heavily-indebted countries
Relieving indebtedness of the poor
Providing debt relief for the poorest countries pursuing structural adjustment
Curtailing public debt
Addressing acute debt-servicing problems
Encouraging growth of debt
Protecting vulnerable countries against increasing foreign debt
Reducing United Nations indebtedness
Incurring national debt
Incurring foreign public debt
Incurring debt
Abolishing debt slavery
Avoiding personal debt
Cancelling international debt
Controlling growth of debt
Paying off war debt
Paying off foreign debt
Engaging in debt slavery
Delaying payments
Avoiding foreign debt
Improving external debt management capacity
Improving public debt relief for developing countries
Providing inadequate public debt relief for developing countries
Improving institutional mechanisms for cost-effective debt negotiation
Decreasing foreign debt of vulnerable countries
Reducing external debt
Externalizing debt
Relieving development assistance debt
Discussing external debt
Aiding national debt
Monitoring debt
Improving debt management
Limiting debt repayment
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values