human value


Other Names:
Providing affordable loans to women
Developing global currency
Promoting women's access to land and property
Giving special consideration to credit worthy low-income countries
Training people to use credit
Developing rural credit schemes
Providing low-income loans
Providing affordable access to credit
Establishing credit creation mechanisms
Enlarging community credit base
Improving access of rural poor to credit
Extending available credit base
Organizing national and international savings and credit
Enhancing local credit systems
Establishing community credit union
Defining common standards for credit
Assuring necessary credit levels to maintain production
Providing future insurances of payment
Extending project credit access
Providing reasonable deferral of payment
Securing long-range business credit
Securing local credit access
Establishing suitable credit opportunities
Determining capacity of credit exchanges
Maintaining monetary system
Supplying credit system
Regulating credit
Defining credit exchanges
Providing guaranteed credits
Extending credit
Expanding development credit
Enabling economic cooperatives
Using credit financing
Providing loans
Offering credit financing
Studying causes of poor credit alternatives in urban areas
Improving credit alternatives in urban areas
Taking export credit risks
Reducing export credit risks
Controlling interest rates
Using credit facilities
Claiming false credit for actions
Improving credit policies
Raising national credit rating
Lowering national credit rating
Coordinating monetary credit
Integrating credit
Developing agricultural savings and credit institutions
Regionalizing agricultural credit
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values