human value


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Related Problems:
Anti-social behaviour
Learning distractions
Negative influence of peer groups
Absence of rites of passage
Disruptive daylight saving
Disruptions due to migration
Disruptive foreign influence
Frequent schedule disruptions
Disruptive internal migration
Inappropriate foreign investment
Disruptive personal prejudices
Disruption of financial markets
Decline of human relationship to nature
Disruption of arid zone ecosystems
Disruptive religious fundamentalism
Unprotected vulnerable economies
Disruption of territorial integrity
Disruptive behaviour in institutions
Disruption of the hydrological cycle
Environmental consequences of war
Fragmented community image
Disruptive international mass migration
Destruction of civilian populations and institutions
Family breakdown
Disruptive migration of trained personnel
Socially disruptive effects of video games
Natural environment degradation
Tribal conflicts within states
Environmental hazards of exotic species introduction
Modern disruption of traditional symbol systems
Ecological disruption of animal breeding grounds
Disruptive effect of changing employment patterns
Disruptive rural to urban migration
Hormone pollution
Disturbance to wildlife patterns of movement
Unethical practice of hydrology
Cultivation of marginal agricultural land
Disruption of human activities by supernatural entities
War-time disruption of economies and production facilities
Disruption of domestic social policies by transnational corporations
Disruption of cultural and social identities in host countries by transnational corporations
Disturbance of reproductive cycles of wildlife
Disruptive secular impact of holy days
Disruption to climate from El Niño
Disrupted community events
Disruption of internal balance of the human body
Impaired wound healing
Disruption of seabed ecosystems
Disruptive migration to forest lands
Disruptive passenger behaviour
Disruption of work schedule due to computerization
Disruptive behaviour in health rehabilitation institutions
Personal life crises
Disruptive effect of household moving
Disruption of food supply due to military activities
Inappropriate food aid
Disruptive behaviour in schools
Desynchronization of bodily rhythm by international travel
Disruption of international action
Career interruption due to pregnancy
Disruptive jury duty
Disruptive maternity leave of employees
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values