human value


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Related Problems:
Irresponsible media practices
Irresponsible research
Irresponsible radiologists
Irresponsible industrial practices
Irresponsible regulatory practices
Unsustainable harvesting rates
Irresponsible maintenance practices
Deregulated labour market
Irresponsible penal practices
Irresponsible employers
Unorganized community recreation
Inadequate transport infrastructure
Irresponsible practices in the food processing industry
Irresponsible oceanographers
Irresponsible soil management
Irresponsible hydrological advice
Irresponsible hydrological advice
Cumbersome land system
Unregulated global resources
Instability of the world economy
Youth unemployment
Social unaccountability
Police negligence
Police negligence
Irresponsible chemists
Irresponsible politics
Irresponsible historians
Inadequate evaluation of surgical procedures
Inadequate evaluation of surgical procedures
Irresponsible physicists
Irresponsible veterinary practice
Irresponsible consulting practices
Irresponsible health professionals
Irresponsible agricultural practices
Government incompetence
Irresponsible real estate practice
Unconstrained free trade
Irresponsible practice of earth sciences
Irresponsible social scientists
Negligence in the transport industry
Irresponsible practice of biological sciences
Haphazard transmission of practical technology
Unethical experiments with drugs and medical devices
Unregulated ownership of the means of production
Limited availability of education in rural areas
Irregular payments of international financial obligations
Irregular cleanup campaigns
Illegal marriage
Cardiac arrhythmia
Uterine labour disorders
Irresponsible insurance practices
Unregulated port usage
Unregulated police immunity
Irresponsible opticians
Unregulated outdoor work
Irresponsible accounting practices
Ineffective regulation of electronic messages
Infrequent doctor contact
Diseases of tooth pulp and periapical tissues
Unregulated street vending
Inadequate cash flow
Irregular international money orders
Criminal usury
Irresponsible pharmaceutical practices
Irregular hospital transportation
Abnormalities of tooth development and eruption
Unregulated public rights-of-way
Disorders of menstruation
Irresponsible philanthropic organizations
Threatened seasonal fluvial habitats
Functional disorders of the heart
Irresponsible property tenants
Prolonged repair services
Irregular working hours
Fast and irregular pace of technological advance
Inadequate facilities for youth
Unregulated land ownership
Labour pains
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values